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New CFAC Week 66: Making connections

February 16, 2016

NewCFAC_Week66 NewCFAC_Week66One of the most exciting elements of the new Centre for Arts and Culture is that unlike its predecessor (presently located in west Edmonton), it will no longer function as its own campus, but will be connected to the main City Centre Campus. A pedway connecting CFAC to the Robbins Health Learning Centre will facilitate this connection. 

Recently, progress was made toward pedway construction when crews erected columns to support the pedway between the two buildings. Though this is the most visible sign of pedway construction to date, the initial preparations actually began years ago. MacEwan leadership have long envisioned a diverse but unified university community, made possible by bringing all students together on one campus, large enough to withstand growth. As a result, both CFAC and, years before it, RHLC, were designed to accommodate the eventual addition of a pedway. There is already a plan in place for removing wall panels to create pedway entrances. This makes the process a little less complex for construction crews, and the future a little more exciting for students looking forward to connecting with their peers across campus.

Fast Facts:

  • Average manpower for the week was 233 workers
  • 14,485 m3 of concrete has been poured to date.

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