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New CFAC Week 91: Dance floor

August 9, 2016
NewCFAC_Week90 NewCFAC_Week90 NewCFAC_Week90

As work progresses on the new Centre for Arts and Culture, work on many areas is down to the finer details, such as painting. One such area is the suite of theatre arts studios. Dance is a fundamental part of the Theatre Arts program, so dedicated studio space was a must-have in the new building.

The suite includes four separate studios: three for dance—jazz, movement and tap—and one for acting and rehearsal, providing plenty of space for different classes and casts to learn, practice and rehearse. Three of the studios are a two-story height, with windows offering a west-facing view of the city and flooding the space with natural light.

The main element that sets a performance studio apart from an ordinary room is the flooring. When the CFAC theatre arts studio floors are installed later in the year, a sprung flooring system will be used. A sprung floor is a raised floor that is supported by semi-flexible materials such as foam or rubber. It provides shock absorption, reducing strain on the floor and reducing stress injuries to dancers, making it safer and more comfortable to perform on. The wooden floor surface will be smooth enough for seamless movement and durable enough to endure heavy use. The carefully engineered theatre arts studios will provide performers with an ideal environment to prepare themselves for the stage.

Last week, crews also worked on elevator shaft steel installation, as well as acoustic ductwork and sprinkler installation in the parkade.

Fast Facts:

  • Average manpower for the week was 330 workers.
  • 14,793 m3 of concrete has been poured to date.

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