Writing Assessment

The writing assessment is a timed writing exercise on a specific topic. It allows the program to assess your potential to write and your ability to take ideas and formalize them into an organized and readable format.

The writing assessment topics are not given out in advance, but you can be assured that no preparation is required. Please keep the following in mind:

  • You have two hours to complete the writing assessment.

  • The writing assessment is handwritten. Please bring a pen or pencil with you. Everything else is supplied.

  • You may not use a dictionary or thesaurus.

  • You can write the writing assessment once per admission date (fall and winter).

  • To pass the writing assessment, you must complete the entire writing assessment and receive an overall minimum mark of 65%.


Book your writing assessment

Confirm that we have received your application for admission

You are eligible to write the assessment after you have applied to the Bachelor of Communication Studies program and received a letter of acknowledgement from the Office of the University Registrar.

Plan to complete the writing assessment as soon as possible

You may choose to book your writing assessment after the Office of the University Registrar has assessed your transcripts to confirm you have met the academic admission requirements. Alternatively, you may book the writing assessment as soon as you have applied to the program. The Bachelor of Communication Studies program will send in the application decision after all transcripts have been evaluated and the writing assessment has been marked. In either case, the writing assessment is part of the admission requirements and must be written before a final decision will be made on your application.

If, at the time of application, there are fewer than three weeks remaining before the start of classes, we will do our best to expedite the marking process. However, you should be aware that your writing assessment may not be graded in time and your application could be denied. We encourage you to apply early and write the assessment as soon as possible.

Book the writing assessment on campus if you live within 100 km from Edmonton

Applicants living within 100km of Edmonton will write the writing assessment at City Centre Campus.

After you have applied to the program, you will receive instructions via your MacEwan email account to book your writing assessment. If more than two weeks have passed since you applied and you have not received the instructions via email, contact the program via email.

If you are a student with a disability who needs accommodations to complete the writing assessment, please contact Services to Students with Disabilities.

Arrange for an exam supervisor if you live farther than 100 km from Edmonton

To make the writing assessment fair and equitable for all applicants, the assessment must be supervised by a responsible person such as a principal, a vice principal, a counsellor, or a teacher/instructor in an educational institution when it cannot be written at our campus.

If you live farther than 100 km from the Edmonton area and prefer not to travel to Edmonton to take the writing assessment, approach one of the above to supervise your writing assessment. Any costs associated with the supervision of the writing assessment are your responsibility.

Use this online form to send us the details of your writing assessment supervision arrangements:

Writing Assessment Supervision Form

You must log in with your MacEwan University Google account to access this form. You may need to log out of your personal Google account first. Logging into myPortal.MacEwan.ca does not mean you are logged out of your personal account. For more information visit https://youtu.be/_Bf5DKGqPi4

Please locate a testing facility and supervisor as soon as possible to avoid delays with the processing of your application—the mailing process takes some time. Upon receipt of the form, we will send the writing assessment materials to the testing supervisor. Your testing supervisor will arrange the date and time of the assessment with you.

If you are a student with a disability who needs accommodations to complete the writing assessment, please contact Services to Students with Disabilities.


Check your results

Watch for updates in myStudentSystem

Please allow up to three weeks for your writing assessment result.

Track your application

If you achieve a passing mark of 65%, the writing assessment will be removed from your "To Do List."

If you do not achieve a passing mark, your application to the program will be denied. You will see a message under the admissions section of myStudentSystem indicating that you do not meet the admission criteria. You may reapply to start in a subsequent term and rewrite the assessment as part of that application.

Review the results of your assessment (optional)

You are welcome to review the results of your assessment in person at the program office once your status has been updated. Please call us before you come.


Next steps

Avoid delays by submitting any outstanding admission documents as quickly as possible and monitoring your To Do List in myStudentSystem for changes or new requests. After an admission decision is made you will receive a notice from the Office of the University Registrar.

Learn more about admission decisions