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May 1, 2015

Journalism student Nikki Wiart wins national award for feature story 

Nikki Wiart, a member of the first graduating cohort of Bachelor of Communications Studies students majoring in journalism, was recognized with a 2015 Emerge Media Award in the category of “Written Word.”

Her winning article, “Meet the people behind Canada’s death revolution,” was selected from 130 submissions representing 22 Canadian universities.

“It’s really nice to see all of my efforts over four years at MacEwan University come together—and that I was able to create something that I’m really proud of, and that other people enjoy as well,” says Nikki, who will graduate in June and go on to Carleton’s master of journalism program in the fall.

Nikki’s article was originally published in The Scavenger, an online magazine created by students in Dr. Brian Gorman’s advanced-level feature writing class. The content in the magazine’s first edition includes 10 emotionally and intellectually compelling feature stories on everything from Nikiki’s look at death to Edmonton’s transgendered community and homelessness.

“Not only is The Scavenger a repository of portfolio pieces for our students,” says Lucille Mazo, chair of the Bachelor of Communication Studies program, “it showcases the tremendous quality work being produced by the students in our program, including Nikki.”

Here are a few more of the feature stories from the online magazine to whet your appetite:

THUMB_Scavenger_1A feel-good problem

When fitness becomes an obsession, a healthy habit can turn ugly.
By Brittany Pitruniak.

THUMB_Scavenger_2A local community for the global game

How Alberta’s only professional soccer franchise was built from the ground up, after three decades of failed experiments.
By Mike Arcuri and Jamie Umbach.

THUMB_Scavenger_3A long, cold walk

The mean streets of Edmonton are especially frigid for the transgendered community.
By Mack Lamoureux.

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