Program Planning

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Next steps for new students

The Getting Started guide includes general information for all new students including details about the student portal, email, requesting learning accommodations, planning your finances and paying your fees.


The information below is specific to Bachelor of Design students. Use this information for the academic year that you were accepted into the program to plan your degree. If you have any questions please contact us.

Plan your program

To plan your degree you will need to refer to the program of study which outlines the core courses, general education core requirements, major coursework and elective requirements of your degree. Your graduation depends on fulfilling all degree requirements and regulations accurately. These requirements and regulations are determined by the year you are accepted to the program. Choose the appropriate recommended program of study and planning sheet from the list below to help you keep track of the courses you take to fulfill degree requirements. If necessary, contact your program advisor for help in selecting the correct planning sheet for your program of study.

BDes recommended program of study

Fall 2019

For Bachelor of Design students who start the program Fall 2019:

Recommended program of study 2019

Course Planning Guide 2019

Fall 2020

For Bachelor of Design students who start the program Fall 2020:

Recommended program of study 2020

Course Planning Guide 2020

Additional planning information

Course descriptions

Course descriptions provide you with a brief overview of what you will study in a course, the credit value, and the prerequisites. Course descriptions are available in myStudentSystem and in the Academic Calendar.

Prerequisites and co-requisites

A prerequisite is a course that must be successfully completed prior to attempting a subsequent course. The faculty has the right to withdraw students from a course at any time if it is begun without the prerequisite or to withhold credit for that course.

Course load

Course Load refers to the number of credits taken in a term. When choosing how many courses you should take in a term, consider the following:

  • The majority of courses in the Bachelor of Design program are 3 credits

  • The maximum course load in the Bachelor of Design program is 15 credits per term.

  • You cannot enrol in more than 15 credits per term without permission from the program. 

  • If you are on a student loan, and to be considered a full-time student, you must maintain enrolment in a minimum of 9 credits per term

  • You may enrol in less than 9 credits. Students enrolled in less than 9 credits are considered part-time students

Junior and senior courses

  • Courses numbered 100-199 are considered junior-level

  • Courses numbered 200 and higher are considered senior-level

Minimum grade restrictions

The minimum passing grade at MacEwan University is D. However, to be in good academic standing, you must maintain a 2.0 Grade Point Average (GPA) each term. Please refer to the Academic Standing policy (C2070) for details or speak with an advisor for help understanding the policy.

Check your transfer credit

If you have taken post-secondary courses previously, some of those credits may qualify for transfer to this program.

Transfer credit will only be assessed after you have been accepted.

Learn more about transfer credit

Apply to graduate

To receive your credential, you must apply to graduate by the deadline. You can find the application to graduate in myStudentSystem.

Graduation requirements 

To graduate you must complete all the requirements and adhere to the regulations of the degree and MacEwan University. 

Convocation ceremony 

MacEwan University holds two convocation ceremonies per year. If you complete your degree in December or April, you can convocate in June. If you complete your degree between May and August, you can convocate in November.

Check the Convocation website for details on how to apply to graduate (including deadlines), confirm your attendance, order your gown and other important convocation information.