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Portrait: Adam Goudreau

September 27, 2017

Right now we’re in the biggest of three new photo/video studios in Allard Hall. Students in the Design Studies program will have access to this space, and it’s going to be really important to their study because they’ll actually get to come in here to try their hand at using lighting equipment, setting up shoots, taking photos of people or products—or even a motorcycle if they want to roll it in here.

Behind me, the “infinity wall” or “cove,” as we call it, uses a curved transition in place of a right angle where the wall meets the floor. There’s no horizon line, which is a crucial feature when you’re shooting models or products. When students add lighting to that area, it makes it seem like the studio goes on forever. This is something professional photographers use all the time.

As a faculty member, I’m really excited to use these studios to enhance the student learning experience, and for me personally, it’s about seeing what the students do with the studios. There’s unlimited potential in here. An empty studio is like a blank canvas for students, and what they choose to create or bring into the studio will be really exciting to see.

—Adam Goudreau, photography faculty member, Design Studies

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