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Portrait: Melissa Cuerrier

August 29, 2017

Storage and laundry, while they might sound like small or silly things, are what I’m most excited about in this new wardrobe classroom and lab.

Laundry is such a key part of wardrobe and now we have our own facilities exclusive to the theatre department (no more costumes that smell faintly of mops!), and access to things like a metal sink so we can hand-dye and handwash fabric.

Once the more than 200 costumes we use in each show are built and washed, we’ll also have 80 per cent more space to store them in. That means we can create our own set of costumes and our own history.

But wardrobe is only one of the incredible new spaces that our Theatre Production students will get to learn in. We also have a paint shop, props, a dedicated welding area, an amazing carpentry shop and brand new theatres.

You cannot find a better space to learn in, so I think students are going to flock here to be part of this environment. The environment at MacEwan is really different from anywhere else. It's really about forming a community—not only between your cohort of students, but the different years and the different programs.

—Melissa Cuerrier, Chair, Department of Theatre

MacEwan University is bringing the arts downtown. Read more about Allard Hall on our website:

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