Performance Major

In the performance major, you specialize in an instrument and develop repertoire, technique and style through independent practice, weekly rehearsals and public performances. You receive private lessons in your major instrument and learn to produce arrangements with a variety of elements.

Areas of specialization within the performance major include: bass (upright/electric), drum set/percussion, guitar (electric), piano, voice, winds, brass or strings. You explore the business of music, musical culture, history and theory. Music options are available in recording, music technology or film scoring.

The major in performance follows this prescribed program of study in addition to the common core courses you take in your first year.

Year two

33 credits

     MUSC 201 - Theory III: Jazz Harmony and Analysis
     MUSC 213 - Ear Training III
     MUSC 214 - Ear Training IV
     MUSC 215 - Functional Keyboard I
     MUSC 217 - Accompanying I
     MUSC 216 - Functional Keyboard II
     MUSC 218 - Accompanying II
     MUSC 233 - Principal Instrument III
     MUSC 235 - Principal Instrument IV
     MUSC 243 - Master Class III
     MUSC 244 - Master Class IV
     MUSC 263 - Introduction to Music Technology and Production
     MUSC 294 - Performance Ensemble
     MUSC 295 - Performance Ensemble
     MUSC 361 - Introduction to Music Career Management

Year three

30.5 credits

     MUSC 202 - Theory IV: Chromatic Harmony
     MUSC 313 - Arranging I: Introduction to Arranging
     MUSC 335 - Principal Instrument V
     MUSC 336 - Principal Instrument VI
     MUSC 348 - Contemporary Issues in Performance Practice and Techniques I
     MUSC 358 - Improvisation I
     MUSC 359 - Improvisation II
     MUSC 371 - Junior Recital
     MUSC 396 - Performance Ensemble
     MUSC 397 - Performance Ensemble
     MUSC 427 - Cultural Studies of Music
     Music Option (MTP)

Year four

28.5 credits

     MUSC 424 - Ethnomusicology
     MUSC 426 - History of Electro-Acoustic Music
     MUSC 460 - Improvisation III
     MUSC 461 - Improvisation IV
     MUSC 437 - Principal Instrument VII
     MUSC 438 - Principal Instrument VIII
     MUSC 452 - Contemporary Issues in Performance Practice and Techniques II
     MUSC 472 - Area Examination
     MUSC 473 - Graduation Recital, Performance Major
     MUSC 498 - Performance Ensemble
     MUSC 499 - Performance Ensemble
     Music Option (MCM)
     Music Option

Performance Major: Music Option Courses

Students must take a minimum of 3 credits in Music Technology options and a minimum of 3 credits in Music Career Management options.

See the list of music options

The program of study may change from year to year. The authoritative source for course descriptions and the rules and regulations that apply to students is the Academic Calendar.