Recording & Production Major

Take your interest in recording and production to new heights. We are now offering a degree in recording and production major, the only one of its kind in Canada. Explore your passion for acoustics and psychoacoustics, recording engineering and production, and mastering.

To choose this major, you first need to apply, audition, be admitted to the Bachelor of Music degree program, complete the first year of the program and declare the competitive major. If you are admitted to the major, you will be notified shortly after the winter term of your first undeclared year of study.

Year two

30 credits

     Music Option (MCM)
     MUSC 201 - Theory III: Jazz Harmony and Analysis
     MUSC 213 - Ear Training III
     MUSC 215 - Functional Keyboard I
     MUSC 217 - Accompanying I
     MUSC 216 - Functional Keyboard II
     MUSC 218 - Accompanying II
     MUSC 263 - Introduction to Music Technology and Production
     MUSC 294 - Performance Ensemble
     MUSC 295 - Performance Ensemble
     MUSC 219 - Technical Ear Training
     MUSC 361 - Introduction to Music Career Management
     MUSC 366 - Introduction to the Recording Studio
     MUSC 467 - Recording Studio Production
     Music Option

Year Three

32 credits

     MUSC 202 - Theory IV: Chromatic Harmony
     MUSC 221 - Applied Instrument I
     MUSC 222 - Applied Instrument II
     MUSC 253 - Live Sound Reinforcement I
     MUSC 254 - Live Sound Reinforcement II
     MUSC 368 - Psychoacoustics
     MUSC 469 - Mastering
     MUSC 313 - Arranging I: Introduction to Arranging
     MUSC 364 - Applications in Music Technology I
     MUSC 396 - Performance Ensemble
     MUSC 397 - Performance Ensemble
     MUSC 427 - Cultural Studies of Music

Year Four

30 credits

     MUSC 367 - Analog and Digital Signal Processing
     MUSC 424 - Ethnomusicology
     MUSC 426 - History of Electro-Acoustic Music
     MUSC 465 - Applications in Music Technology II
     MUSC 468 - Acoustics
     MUSC 482 - Independent Study

Recording and Production Major - Music Option Courses

Students must take a minimum of 3 credits in Music Career Management options.

See the list of music options