Student Work

Our students produce a range of solutions to visual design problems. Using our studios and workshops as a playground for exploring their ideas, students focus their talents on solutions that complement their own particular interests and abilities. Throughout the year, student work is displayed at a number of exhibitions, culminating in a third-year students’ portfolio show each spring.

Portfolio show

To celebrate three years of hard work, you will curate, exhibit and promote your best work in the portfolio show. In preparation for the event, you meet with an industry professional who mentors you through the portfolio development process. Then, you are given full responsibility for selecting and displaying the designs you are most proud of. On the big night, enjoy the spotlight as you promote your work to designers, alumni and potential employers.


Our students learn that good design is much more than a clever message. It’s practical and responsive. It considers the ways people interact with a product—how it makes them think, feel and behave.


Car interface K. Lockwood, 2017 Brand and advertisement for CasualTea C. Saul, 2017 Wayfinding app for YEG Art E. Rogers, 2017 Visual identity re-brand for Edmonton Transit M. Hatim, 2017 Source Code infographic C. Saul, 2017 Nighttime Beauty in the Rockies Halliwell, 2017 Branding Package for Shortcuts R. Wood, 2015 Ad Campaign T. Bartoshyk, 2015 Cafe Artesano Web Design D. Kovacic, 2015 Camping company Web Design K. MacDonald, 2015 E-town's finest Branding and Web Design M. Sokolowski, 2015 Fairytale Book Spread C. Carey, 2015 Conference Package R. Wood, 2015 Wine Amateur Web Design D. Kovacic, 2015 Bon Appetit Branding T. Chin, 2015 Caricature Illustration J. Dyck, 2015 Branding Package for Shortcuts R. Huizinga, 2015