Our Spaces

Fine Art Female Student Painting Studio

You’ll love the natural light in the five-storey atrium and all the room you have to explore, create and learn. At Allard Hall, you are at the heart of Edmonton's creative community. Let your talent and imagination flourish.

Studios and Workshops

Large painting and drawing studios—north facing, of course, to provide glare-free lighting. A photography suite that includes three studios, four video editing labs and a traditional darkroom. Plaster and clay workshops. A main floor art gallery, dedicated to student work and open to the public. Five floors of exhibition space. Be inspired by the spaces and places that you’ll call home over the next two years.

Fine Art Spaces and Studios Students Working Painting Easels

Exhibition Spaces

From large exhibition halls to narrow stairwells and from well-traveled corridors to hidden corners, you will find art everywhere on campus. As part of your studies, you will learn innovative and ingenious ways to showcase your talent.

Fine Art Exhibition Spaces Artwork Gallery Students

A new home in the heart of the city

Designed by world-renowned architect Bing Thom, Allard Hall blends learning and performance spaces with retail shops, gathering places and a central atrium. We are thrilled about our new location in the heart of Edmonton's thriving downtown arts and music scene.

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