Our People

Dawn Sadoway

Assistant Professor, Theatre Arts

MFA (Alberta); BEd; BMus (McGill)

11-425F, Allard Hall
11110 – 104 Avenue
Edmonton, AB


Dawn Sadoway is currently the Head of Voice with the MacEwan Theatre Arts Program. She has a background in music and acting and brings an understanding of singing and voice/speech disciplines to her work with the students in the Theatre Arts Program. Before teaching at MacEwan, Dawn worked as a teacher, director and singer/actor across Canada and was Managing Artistic Director at the King’s Playhouse in Prince Edward Island from 2009–2011. She has also previously taught at St. Thomas University, The University of Calgary, Rocky Mountain College and The University of Alberta.

In 2012 Dawn was awarded a Graduate Teaching Award from the University of Alberta and in 2014 she received the Dorothy Mennen Research Award from the International Voice and Speech Trainer’s Association.

Dawn is still an active performer, vocal coach and director. Her most recent creative work includes: Carmen by Bizet – assistant director (Mercury Opera); Miss Bennet: Christmas at Pemberley by Gunderson and Melcon – vocal coach (Citadel Theatre); and Last Light Above the World: A War Litany by Allan Bevan – actor/singer (Richard Eaton Singers). She is passionate about her craft, about learning from others and about giving what she can to assist in the success of her students, her colleagues and her profession.

Voice, vocal pedagogy, teaching, singing, speech, acting

Teaching and Research Interests

Dawn’s research explores bridging the gap between an actor’s and singer’s vocal pedagogy. She is fascinated about the relationship between science and soma and is currently working on a qualitative research study that investigates whether metaphorical or literal language choices have a greater impact on student learning in the vocal studio.

Dawn is an active member of the International Voice and Speech Trainer’s Association and is currently on the editorial board of the association’s peer-reviewed journal, the Voice and Speech Review. Dawn is the current chair of the Academic Priorities and Planning Committee at MacEwan University, she sits on numerous other faculty and departmental committees and she is also a board member with Workshop West Playwright’s Theatre.

Selected Performances / Recordings / Compositions

Sadoway, D. (Actor). The last light above the world. (2018, Nov. 11). Live performance with the Richard Eaton Singers at the Winspear Centre, Edmonton, Alberta.

Sadoway, D. (Vocal/Singing Coach). Miss Bennet: Christmas at Pemberley. (2018, November 17 – December 9). Production with Citadel Theatre, Edmonton, Alberta.

Watson, L., Anderson, C., Maxfield, L., Prather, P., & Sadoway, D. (2018, August 14). Interdisciplinary approaches for training teachers of voice. Panel presentation at the Voice and Speech Trainer’s Association International Conference, Seattle, USA.

Sadoway, D., Rimmer, C., & Wilson, D. (2017, August 12). Voice and movement in the singing studio. Panel and workshop presentation at the Voice and Speech Trainer’s Association International Conference, Singapore.

Sadoway, D. (2014) Clinical voice pathology: Theory and management. Voice and Speech Review, 8(3), 311-312. doi: 10.1080123268263.2014.966974

Awards / Grants / Fellowships

  • FFAC Scholarly Activity Project Fund Grant, MacEwan University (2018)
  • Dissemination Grant, MacEwan University (2017)
  • Supplemental PD Grant, MacEwan University (2017)
  • Dissemination Grant, MacEwan University (2016)
  • Travel Grant, St.Thomas University (2014)
  • Research Assistant Grant, St. Thomas University (2014)
  • Dorothy Mennen Research Grant, Voice and Speech Trainer's Association (2013)
  • General Research Grant, St. Thomas University (2013)
  • Graduate Teaching Award, University of Alberta (2012)
  • Theatre Voice Pedagogy Graduate Award, University of Alberta (2012)

Professional Associations / Memberships

  • Voice and Speech Trainer's Association, Member
  • Canadian Actors' Equity Association, Member
  • Alliance of Canadian Cinema, Television and Radio Artists, Member
  • Association for Theatre in Higher Education, Member

Boards / Committees

  • Academic Planning and Priorities Committee, Chair
  • FFAC Executive Committee, Member 
  • FFAC Council, Member
  • Theatre Department, Member
  • Theatre Department Visiting Artist Committee, Chair 
  • FFAC Research Lab, Member
  • FFAC Occupancy Committee, Member 
  • Voice and Speech Review, Editorial board member 
  • Workshop West Playwrights' Theatre, Board member