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Musical theatre has a new home in downtown Edmonton, a home filled with light, art and opportunity. Act, sing and dance your way to Allard Hall, located in the heart of the city’s world-renowned live theatre scene.

Creative campus

You've found the perfect place to fuel your passion for musical theatre. An elegant 450-seat proscenium-arch theatre. A wood-detailed 210-seat recital theatre. An intimate 150-seat theatre lab, flexible enough to accommodate the most experimental productions. Rehearsal spaces where you will float through rigorous tap, jazz and movement sessions on shock-absorbent floors. Let your talent and creativity flourish in the performance and rehearsal spaces you’ll call home over the next two years.

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A theatre town

There is no better place to study musical theatre than Edmonton. We are home to more than 60 local theatre companies, some committed solely to musical theatre and others that include musical theatre every season. The city's flourishing improv scene is even in on the action, featuring companies devoted to improvising entire musicals. And don't forget the Fringe festival—North America’s biggest and first. 

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