Theatre Production Female Student Working Wardrobe Room

For two weeks prior to the opening night of Theatre Arts' three major musical productions and two workshop performances, you will close the classroom door behind you and spend your time fulfilling practicum requirements.

To begin, you apply to your preferred areas of production. Your schedule for the two weeks will vary, depending on the role you're assigned. The carpentry crew, for example, begins hammering two weeks before the production begins and taps in that last nail about a week before opening night. The stage management crew, on the other hand, puts in its longest hours during the production, moving scenery, calling the set, lighting, audio and video cues during the show; attending rehearsals and liaising with the artistic, technical and production teams. 

Set the stage

When it's time to build, mount and run our season of musicals, you have the equipment, technology and space you need to fully realize each show's production.

Watch as the set from Big Fish takes shape before your eyes. (February 2015 production.)