Program of Study

Theatre Production Backstage Lighting Work

This two-year diploma is one of the most practice-based programs of its kind in Canada. Through extensive hands-on training in workshops, labs and studios—and as part of the production team for the Theatre Arts season—you develop expertise in props and set construction, lighting, sound, video, costumes and stage management.

To complete program requirements, you take three types of courses: required core courses, Theatre Production option courses and elective courses that allow you to explore other interests.


Year one

In your first year, you are introduced to the various aspects of theatre production. You learn to communicate visually and execute technically. You collaborate with directors, designers and performers. During your practicum, you join a crew of fellow students focusing on one area of production.

Term I

     THPR 100 - Theatre Production Boot Camp
     THPR 101 - Technical Crafts I
     THPR 102 - Artisan Crafts I
     THPR 103 - Stage Crafts I
     THPR 104 - Practicum I

Term II

     THPR 201 - Technical Crafts II
     THPR 202 - Artisan Crafts II
     THPR 203 - Stage Crafts II
     THPR 204 - Practicum II

Year two

In your second year, you build on the skills and knowledge learned in your first year and you choose an area of specialization. You collaborate with other theatre technicians as part of a production team and lead a crew of first-year students during the practicum.

Term III

     ENGL 102 - Analysis and Argument
     THPR 211 - Technical Crafts III
     THPR 212 - Artisan Crafts III
     THPR 213 - Stage Crafts III
     THPR 214 - Practicum III

Term IV

     THPR 221 - Technical Crafts IV
     THPR 222 - Artisan Crafts IV
     THPR 223 - Stage Crafts IV
     THPR 224 - Practicum IV
     THPR 205 - Theatre Culture in Context

The program of study may change from year to year. The authoritative source for course descriptions and the rules and regulations that apply to students is the Academic Calendar.

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