Learning Labs

The lab facilities are fully equipped clinical spaces professional and/or patient care area. The labs facilitate skills practice, peer collaborative learning, instructor expert modeling, and some simulated events. Teaching theory is incorporated into the spaces. Each room is equipped with tables and chairs for student seating, classroom technology including whiteboards, computers, audio visual technology and other class resources.

Special design features set some of the learning labs apart:

  • 9-308 Robbins Health Learning Centre
    Contains operating room lights and a scrub sink. The space converts into a realistic operating room suite for the Centre of Professional Nursing Peri-operative Nursing programs.

  • 9-308 and 9-309 Robbins Health Learning Centre
    Contains a dividing wall for large learning events. Up to 2 full lab classes can utilize the space.

  • 9-410 Robbins Health Learning Centre
    An interdisciplinary lab complete with massage tables and warmers used by Therapy Assist programs.

  • 9-314 Robbins Health Learning Centre
    An infection control lab designed with an ante-room identical to clinical isolation rooms. These ante-rooms are located at the entry of the lab. They contain a sink and isolation supplies for realistic preparation in an isolation procedure.

  • 9-301 and 9-303 Robbins Health Learning Centre
    Specialized labs for maternity and newborn care. Specialized equipment and mannequins are stored in adjoining storage spaces for easy access and control.