Clinical Practice

As a MacEwan’s Acupuncture diploma student, you participate in more than 600 hours of clinical practice on campus at our teaching clinic.

MacEwan’s Acupuncture Teaching Clinic is open to the public. Under the supervision of the clinical supervisor, you put theory to practice by providing treatments to patients for a variety of health benefits.

International students

International students must have a co-op work permit before starting field placement/clinical practice/practicum. A co-op work permit is different from your study permit; it is an additional permit that authorizes international students to participate in work that is integral to their program of study. You need an up-to-date medical exam by an IRCC approved panel physician before applying for a co-op work permit as you will be working with vulnerable populations in a health, community or medical field.

Ask MacEwan International about the documents you need to apply. You should apply for a co-op work permit 4-6 months before the start of your field placement/clinical practice/practicum as current IRCC processing times are lengthy.

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