The learning of some very different concepts about health and illness was difficult to grasp at first. But somewhere in the second year, not only does it make sense, it makes more sense than what I knew from my western medical background. From completion of the Acupuncture program I will take with me the wonder of the human body, the knowledge given to me by incredible people, and the need to help others to the best of my ability. - Valerie Van Vliet



The instructors in the Acupuncture program are definitely very knowledgeable, and having them all under one roof creates a fantastic learning environment. They promote hard work and success in their students and really want each person to reach their full potential in both the community and the profession. From my experiences here at MacEwan, I'm leaving with a foundation for my career to grow from, friends who are to be my colleagues, and the support network of knowledgeable staff who want me to succeed. - Adam Salzman




Attending the Acupuncture Program at MacEwan was a decision I made six years ago when I was contemplating pursuing studies in alternative health after completing my undergraduate degree at university. I discovered that MacEwan was a very recognizable post secondary institution that hosted the program. I was even more pleased that I could adjust the program to my needs as a soon-to-be mom. I was able to go part-time when I needed to and completed the nine-semester program in five years - Nadia Houle