Directed Field Studies

Each directed field study is 15 credits and has both a workplace learning component and an online learning component. The directed field studies may be completed in the student’s place of employment or in an agency/organization approved by the program. It is the student's responsibility to secure a placement for each directed field study. Students may contact the program if they require recommendations on suitable agencies/organizations where directed field studies may be completed.

Students must work a minimum of 375 hours for the workplace learning component of each directed field study, 150 of which are expected to be in a managerial or supervisory capacity where the student assumes significant managerial tasks and can integrate their learning into professional practice. In addition, students plan, manage, implement and evaluate one or more projects for their employer.

The online component of each directed field study is facilitated by the instructor who discusses ethical practice and professionalism and introduces students to project management theory and practice. Students also take part in learning activities that involve self-assessment and goal-setting, reflection, and professional dialogue to evaluate their performance, reinforce learning objectives and guide their development as human service managers. In a capstone assignment, students analyze the project they managed and demonstrate their ability to integrate theory and practice. Students present the paper in an academic and professional manner to the class and/or submit it to their instructor for grading.