Length of Study

3 to 6 years

Study Options


Credential Granted

Applied Degree


Fall term (September)
Winter term (January)

Workplace Learning

Directed Field Studies

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Advance from Front-Line to Leader 

This applied degree teaches our graduates the management skills required to become effective leaders in the human services field. From managing physical resources to trend analysis and research skills, our graduates have the practical knowledge and confidence to work with boards, manage a dynamic staff of practitioners, and still serve the clients and families at the heart of an organization.

The unique challenge of managing a human service organization requires a highly specialized education. To meet the needs of today's busy human service professionals, MacEwan University’s Bachelor of Applied Human Service Administration gives students the opportunity to complete their degree part-time while continuing to work in the human services field.

This applied degree is designed for individuals with a post-secondary diploma (at least 60 credits); an applicant must have at least 60 credits of post-secondary education if they do not have a post-secondary diploma. Post-secondary diplomas well suited for this applied degree include MacEwan University diplomas such as Child and Youth Care, Early Learning and Child Care, Social Work, Hearing Aid Practitioner, Correctional Services, and Police and Investigations. 

Flexible Study

The Bachelor of Applied Human Service Administration is completed through a combination of course work and field studies. Building on previous post-secondary course work, the program consists of ten 3-credit theory courses (offered online) and two 15-credit directed field studies (completed at a work site and supplemented by online course work). Students may complete the directed field studies in their current workplace or in an appropriate agency (placements are secured by the student). Study may be full-time or part-time. Students have the flexibility to take off a term if they wish, but cannot be inactive for more than 12 consecutive months or they will be required to reapply to the program. Students have six years to complete the program; however, it may be completed in as little as three years.

Study Online

Course work is offered entirely online and is accessible to students regardless of geographic location, providing the flexibility to balance studies with professional and family responsibilities. Courses are delivered using technology that creates a virtual community of learners and supports student success. Our courses are not self-paced correspondence courses; rather, all students in a course progress through material at the same time. Students must plan to log on two to three times per week to take part in an informed conversation on a discussion topic. Students should expect to allocate 8 to 10 hours per week for each course to do the readings and take part in online discussions, plus extra time when papers or assignments are due.