Learning Outcomes

Bachelor of Child and Youth Care Program Learning Outcomes

Graduates of the program will:

  1. Demonstrate professionalism by following the guidelines of the CYCCA Code of Ethics at all times. 
  2. Use an ethical decision-making model that respects the values and rights of all people.
  3. Show leadership in academic and practice environments.
  4. Foster an environment of social awareness, sensitivity and inclusion with individuals and groups. 
  5. Exhibit critical awareness of social inequity, injustice and the impact of globalization within diverse environments.
  6. Demonstrate advocacy for children, youth and families across different demographics.
  7. Apply strength-based practice focused on building resources and capacity with all individuals, families and communities.
  8. Disseminate knowledge that continually advances the field of Child and Youth Care. 
  9. Apply theoretical frameworks that inform effective and innovative practices.
  10. Utilize proficient and professional written and oral communication skills
  11. Integrate innovative and creative practice skills based on research in CYC environments.
  12. Engage individuals and groups in therapeutic activities that facilitate holistic development within the life space. 
  13. Engage in critical self-reflection and on-going self-assessment in academic and practice environments.
  14. Employ self-care strategies to enhance personal well-being and professional competency.