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Length of Study

Full time: 2 years
Part time: up to 4 years

Study Options

Full time (on campus)
Part time (on campus/online)

Credential Granted



Fall term (September)

Workplace Learning

Field Placement


MacEwan University
• Bachelor of Social Work

University of Calgary
• Bachelor of Social Work (Calgary and Edmonton)

MacEwan University
• Bachelor of Child and Youth Care

University of Alberta
• Bachelor Arts

Information Sessions

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MacEwan University has graduated compassionate, professional social workers for over 40 years. Social workers are able to assess and respond to human problems at both an individual and a social, structural level. Successful applicants are open-minded, empathetic, tolerant and committed to building strong communities.

The Social Work program attracts a diverse range of students from many different cultures and backgrounds. You will benefit from that diversity as well as small classes, relevant practicum and dedicated faculty. MacEwan University's commitment to student-centered learning and the flexibility to complete several courses in a blended online format prepare you to find employment in a wide range of settings and/or to continue on with university studies. The program faculty are actively involved in the social work profession, scholarly activity and research.

Successful Applicants

Social Work is an extremely demanding occupation dealing with such challenging issues as sexual abuse and family violence. Successful applicants have a full understanding of what social workers do and the kind of settings they are employed in. It is also highly desirable that you have some life experience and a great deal of self-awareness before coming into the program. Students who take some time to gain practical experience and enhanced insights prior to entering the program are likely to be the most successful.

Volunteer Experience

Before applying to the Social Work program, you must complete a minimum of 70 hours of supervised volunteer work, or have work-related experience in a social work setting or related field. In your application, you will provide the program with a reference from a volunteer supervisor.

For a listing of potential social services agencies that can provide good volunteer experience visit and search under Social Services Organizations.