With over 95 per cent of graduates finding employment, the Special Needs Educational Assistant certificate is recognized and highly valued in the field.

Sample excerpts of duties/responsibilities from educational assistant career postings:

  • Assist students at the ECS level with speech-language delay coupled with some occupational and physical therapy needs.
  • Assist a grade nine student with severe medical, emotional, social and behavioural difficulties. Knowledge and/or experience of Tourette’s syndrome and PDD is an asset.
  • Assist elementary student with Conduct Disorder and Oppositional Defiance Disorder.
  • Assist student with fetal alcohol syndrome and multiple medical disabilities.
  • Assist post-secondary adult learners with learning difficulties/disabilities, with support from instructors in the development of individualized plans.
  • Provide medical/physical maintenance that may include toileting, feeding, tubing, and/or mobility assistance to the student under their care.
  • Assist with the preparation of daily progress reports and anecdotal records for the student as directed by the special needs facilitator or classroom teacher.
  • Obtain and organize the student's materials and equipment in preparation for classroom activities.
  • Reinforce learning concepts with the student under the direction of the special needs facilitator or classroom teacher.
  • Assist and/or support the special needs facilitator or classroom teacher in off-site activities.

Potential Careers:

  • Educational assistant
  • Kindergarten assistant
  • Special needs educational assistant