Faculty and Staff

Andrea Chute

Assistant Professor, Bachelor of Science in Nursing
Department of Interprofessional Education and Simulation Learning

MN (Alberta); BN; RN

9-500B1, City Centre Campus
10700 – 104 Avenue
Edmonton, AB


Andrea joined MacEwan faculty of Health and Community Studies in 2008 and since then has been teaching theory, lab and clinical in the first year of the program. She is passionate about assisting students in developing their foundational competencies of communication and relational practice, as well as the critical thinking and technical skills they will need to excel in the profession of Nursing. The values inherent in her teaching philosophy are humor, respect, reflection, self-awareness, collaboration, inclusivity, accountability and responsibility.

Her MN thesis was entitled Empowerment in Continuing Care. Her teaching interests are professional communication and foundations in nursing practice.

Her clinical experience has primarily been in the areas of medicine and general surgery. She has worked in B.C., Northwest Territories, Texas and Alberta. Her management experience has been in continuing care and in 2003 her team received the Mission Award for living the Mission of Caritas Health Group. Through their dedication, resourcefulness, compassion and creativity, they were able to create a vibrant community, a place of hope and sense of home for residents.

Andrea is also the Director of the PAWSS (Pets Assisting With Student Success) program at MacEwan. There are three program currently running at MacEwan: PAWSS drop-in program runs every Friday from 4:30-6:00; PAWSS in the workplace and PAWSS in the classroom. The Aim of PAWSS is to decrease stress (especially among first-year students) and to enhance mental and social well-being. You can find more about PAWSS through our website, macewan.ca/pawss, or follow us on instagram @pawssmacewan.

Nursing, Geriatric, Medicine Communication,

Teaching and Research Interests

  • HLST 154 Professional Communication (Theory)
  • NURS 175 Nursing Practice Foundation (Theory, Lab and Clinical)

Andrea is a novice researcher and her interests is in exploring students stress and how AAI decreases stress among students attending any of PAWSS (Pets Assisting With Student Success) programs.

Selected Publications / Presentations / Conference Papers

Chute, A. (2020). Communication. At the heart of nursing practice. In Gregory, D., Raymond-Seniuk, C., Patrick, L., & Stephen, T. Fundamentals: Perspectives on the art and science of Canadian nursing (2nd ed.) Philadelphia, PA: Lippincott Williams and Wilkins.


Chute, A., Gundermann, C., & Chute, M. (2019). Enhancing wellness in the workplace, four PAWSS at a time. Paper presentedon presented at the Canadian Mental Health Association Conference, Edmonton, AB.

Chute, A., Neumeier, M., Barrington-Moss, G. (2018). The effect of Animal Assisted Intervention (AAI) on students perception of momentary stress. Poster presented at the 32nd Margaret Scott Wright Research Day, Edmonton, AB.

Chute, A. (2015). Establishing a classroom culture of diversity and inclusivity: One instructor’s viewpoint. Faculty Focus Special Report: Diversity and Inclusion in the College Classroom.

Chute, A. (2014). At the heart of nursing practice. In Gregory, D., Raymond-Seniuk, C., Patrick, L., & Stephen, T. Fundamentals: Perspectives on the art and science of Canadian nursing. Philadelphia, PA: Lippincott Williams and Wilkins.

Professional Associations / Memberships

  • CAN
  • CGNA