Download the new SAFE@MacEwan app

July 10, 2020


A new, free safety app is available to download as part of MacEwan University's commitment to the health, wellness and safety of its students, faculty and staff.

SAFE@MacEwan provides safety information at your fingertips, and is the most efficient and timely way to receive notifications about critical incidents affecting the university.

"The fastest way to get the information you need during an urgent situation that poses a safety and security risk is through both the app and text," says Janet Dean, manager, Office of Emergency Management. "The aim is to get you the information you need to make informed decisions as quickly as possible."

App features include:

  • MacEwan Alert – Sends notifications and instructions in urgent situations that pose a safety or security risk. (While all MacEwan email accounts will automatically receive MacEwan Alert notifications, students and employees are advised to add their mobile phone to their contact information on the student or employee portal to receive text notifications.)

  • Emergency Contacts – Direct contact to 911 and MacEwan Security Services Dispatch.

  • Mobile BlueLight – Send your location in real time to Security Services in the event of a crisis.

  • Friend Walk – Send your location to a friend so they can watch you walk to your destination in real time and trigger a call to emergency services, if necessary.

  • Emergency: What To Do – Access to emergency response guidelines for some of the most common emergency situations.

  • WorkAlone Check-In – Automatically checks in on you while on campus after hours, and can automatically trigger a call to Security Services if you fail to check in at the specified time.

  • And more, including Travel Emergencies, Support Resources, Personal Safety, Campus Maps, and COVID-19 University Updates.

All students and employees are encouraged to download the SAFE@MacEwan app (available from the App Store for iOS devices or Google Play for Android devices).

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