Cristina is one of four MacEwan faculty members being honoured in 2018 for outstanding teaching and commitment to education leadership.

Cristina Anton receives Distinguished Teaching Award

November 7, 2018 | Science, Campus Life
Even if I’ve had a bad day, it only takes about five minutes of teaching or talking about math for me to forget everything that was bothering me. 

That’s the nice part about using the abstract part of your mind – it takes you away.

But I know it isn’t that way for everyone, and I understand that math isn’t the easiest subject. It’s hard work and I’m quite honest about that with my students. I ask a lot from them and I’m not willing to compromise. If you want to succeed at calculus, you have to practice. You just have to do the work. My job is to help students feel like all of that work is worth it in the end.

So I make sure to tell my students to dream big. And I try to take a minute in my lectures to point out the less-obvious applications of what they’re learning, because math can lead to some amazing places. Calculus is behind genetics, it’s behind the mathematical models used in Google search and it’s why we can compress files on our computers. Sometimes I share stories about the mathematicians themselves – I think it helps to think about mathematicians as real people with real lives.

Math is really about finding a way to understand the world around us, and that’s what a university education is all about.

– Cristina Anton, Professor, Mathematics and Statistics

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