Our best tips for acing your exams

April 9, 2018 | Campus Life

Anxiety, memory, time management...we have hacks for every exam woe

It’s that time of the year again – only final exams stand between you and the end of the semester. We know it’s a stressful season, so whether you need study advice, tips to boost your memory or just some techniques to stay calm when the last-minute jitters hit, we’ve got you covered!



Signs you’re actually studying

Maybe you’ve read the same paragraph over and over again, and you still don’t know what it means. Or you’ve taken notes throughout the term, but now you can’t make sense of them. It’s okay – here are a few unique ideas that can help.



It’s crunch time 

All those good intentions you had to spread your studying throughout the term? Well, so much for that. It’s crunch time and you’re panicking. Take a deep breath and check out these tips form a forensic psychologist who’s spent years figuring out how our brains remember.



Beyond butterflies 

A little bit of pre-exam anxiety is perfectly normal. The trick is knowing when you are experiencing too much anxiety and what to do about it. Find out how to calm your pre-exam jitters and where to get help when you need it.


We know taking care of yourself during exams also includes taking care of your physical health. Read more tips on how to survive (and thrive) this month:

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