Nooshin Walji may have volunteered for well over 200 hours over the past two years in her role as a MacEwan Ambassador, but she's focused less on the hours than the way giving that time makes her feel. 

How to give your time and get even more in return

September 18, 2018 | Campus Life, Society

Many people think of volunteering as a way to bolster their resumé – and it is – but it’s also much more, says Nooshin Walji, who is beginning her fourth year as a Bachelor of Arts student.

“The resumé part comes so much later,” says the MacEwan Ambassador. “When I volunteer, I feel like I’m giving something small to the world – that I’m making a difference in someone else’s life, even if it’s making them smile or making things a little easier for them.”

When I volunteer, I feel like I’m giving something small to the world – that I’m making a difference in someone else’s life.
—Nooshin Walji

Students who want to learn about opportunities to give back can join Nooshin, who will be volunteering at the Get Involved Volunteer Opportunities Fair on Wednesday, Sept. 19. University departments and more than 30 community organizations will be at the university to share different ways to volunteer – big and small.

Nooshin has volunteered well over 200 hours as an ambassador in the past two years. The experience, she says, has been about making friends and giving back, but it all began with setting aside a few hours on a weekend to volunteer at the Family Literacy Carnival, welcoming people to MacEwan.

Those contributions of time, whether a few hours or many, matter, says Dorothy Ritz, manager, Career Development and Experiential Learning.

“Volunteers are incredibly important to the MacEwan community,” she says. “Hundreds, if not thousands, of students give time each year to help welcome new and future students to the university, make small- and large-scale events possible, and connect with the greater community.”

And those students’ volunteer efforts extend far beyond the university’s physical campus. “MacEwan students are volunteering with community organizations involved in health care, the arts, social justice, sustainability and so much more,” says Dorothy. 

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