Managing Your Workload

Taking the program courses as they are scheduled within the program of study promotes content integration and optimal learning outcomes. However, for purposes of managing program workload you have the option to complete one or more of the required non-nursing courses outside the program, for example:

From Year 1, Term 1:

  • HLSC 120: Human Anatomy
  • HLSC 126: Human Physiology I
  • PSYC 104: Introductory Psychology

From Year 1, Term 2:

  • ENGL 102: Analysis and Argument
  • HLSC 124: Microbiology for Health Professionals
  • HLSC 128: Human Physiology II
  • PSYC 105: Individual and Social Behaviour

In order to maintain full-time status throughout the program you should exercise caution with the number of courses you complete outside the program schedule. Full time status is required for consideration for the Dean’s List, First Class Standing and most scholarships and awards. Thus, you may want to choose one or two courses from each term to take outside the schedule, rather than take all from the one term of study.

Prerequisites and Grading Considerations

It is your responsibility to ensure that you meet the course prerequisite and co-requisite requirements for registration in these courses: you can locate this information in the MacEwan calendar or through the website course listing. Remember that each requires a minimum grade of C- in order to be usable for course credit in this program. 

Maintaining Good Academic Standing

In accordance with MacEwan`s Academic Standing policy (C207)), students require a minimum Grade Point Average (GPA) of 2.0 0 to be considered in Good Standing.

Time to Complete Program

Students have four years from the first day of the term of acceptance to complete all Psychiatric Nursing program requirements.