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Research, Scholarship & Community Engagement

Inspiring Nurses. Creating Connections. Transforming Lives.

In the fall of 2016, the newly formed Faculty of Nursing embarked on a collaborative process which identified our vision, mission, and four key strategic priorities. We are energized and ready to focus our efforts over the next 5 years (2017-2022) on transformative learning, leading edge research and scholarship, inspired leadership and partnerships, and a spirit of well-being.

Our Research, Scholarship & Community Engagement activities are built upon MacEwan’s legacy of teaching excellence within a creative, collaborative, and supportive learning environment. Together we are creating a culture of research and scholarship where creativity and innovation thrive and provides a unique student experience through diverse pathways for achievement and growth. It is through our research and scholarship alliances where knowledge exchange and mobilization make a difference in the health of global communities.

International and Global Health Initiatives

The Faculty of Nursing continues to develop and engage our global partners in a number of key initiatives. 

Students and faculty now have the opportunity to participate in field schools and exchanges in a variety of international settings including: Ukraine; Dominican Republic; Mexico; China; and Scotland. These global experiences provide opportunities to analyze perspectives that affect the global health community including social justice, health equity, gender, human rights, political agendas and ethical issues. Principles and concepts of global health are examined with an emphasis on key health issues, priorities and emerging challenges.

Global partnerships/initiatives and innovations that focus on improving health outcomes and reducing global health inequities are considered.  For more information regarding global health study, please visit the Faculty of Nursing Facebook page at:

You can read about the partnership between MacEwan's Faculty of Nursing and a university in Ukraine in  "Supporting Global Health Education" in the Winter 2019 newsletter of MacEwan's Ukrainian Resource and Development Centre (URDC).

URDC Winter 2019 newsletter