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You can apply to Open Studies any time up to the start date of your class. Before you apply, confirm that we offer the course you want at a convenient time. Some courses have both a lecture and a lab or seminar component. You will need to fit all components of a course into your schedule. 

Choose from a variety of courses

Open Studies students may enrol in any section of a course that shows Reserve Limit in Effect: 0” or “Rsrvd: Open Studies.”  When you search for a class, a green circle means there are seats available in the class but they may be reserved for program students. A blue square indicates the class is full. A yellow triangle indicates a class is full but a wait-list is available.

If you don't see the class you want, don't be discouraged. In the week before classes start each term, many programs will open some of their courses to all students. You may want to add yourself to a wait-list if the class has one. In order to see classes with a wait-list, uncheck the “Show Open Classes Only” box when you perform a search.

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