Talent and generosity at the core of Conservatory of Music student

February 25, 2015


Celebrated young artist wows at the Winspear and the Alberta College Conservatory of Music

Candace Chu begged her parents to get her piano lessons when she was only three years old. By the time she was four and a half, she not only had her lessons, but also made her debut performance at the Alberta College Conservatory of Music. Though the then piano-playing toddler didn’t know her way on or off the stage, she discovered that her first love was music and that her home would be at the Conservatory.

In 2010, after years of private teachers and lessons, Candace became a student of the Conservatory, learning under David Tutt. With her parents’ and the Conservatory’s encouragement, Candace has been using her immense talent to give back to the community. In addition to being an ambassador of classical music for the Conservatory, she volunteers for the Parkinson’s Alberta dance therapy program and fundraises for the Heart of the City piano program.

“If you have a passion for music, you should share it, spread your gift, and make people happy with your music,” she says. She also encourages other young musicians to consider volunteering their talents to spread joy around their communities. “Music is a universal language and there are so many ways you can share with others.”

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In December, Candace performed at the Winspear Centre, where she received standing ovation for her performance of Franz Liszt’s Hungarian Rhapsody, No. 6.

“I was blown away by the audience’s reaction to my performance and it was such an honour to be invited by Music Conference Alberta to be there,” she says. “That was one of the most exciting performances I’ve ever had.”

While her big dream would be to one day play at Carnegie Hall, Candace is focused on her post-secondary studies in business and pursuing competition opportunities when she can.

“I think mainly I’ll be using music to give back to the community and to volunteer for all the causes I’m a part of.”

Watch Candace perform the piece that wowed the Winspear crowd, Liszt’s Hungarian Rhapsody, No. 6.

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