Musical Theatre

Strengthen your musical theatre vocal technique by taking classes and workshops. Our vocal instructors have the credentials, experience and ability to provide you with quality music instruction.

Belting Workshop

This vocal belting workshop will cover the basic anatomy, physiology and sensations of belting. The first half of the workshop will introduce you to specific exercises which will help you develop your belt voice. In the second half, all participants will be given a chance to sing and be provided with pointers and feedback geared specifically to you. Students are required to bring their own sheet music for the latter portion of the workshop. Most songs can be found on

Instructor: Ron Long

Spring: Sunday, July 8, 2018
1:00 – 4:00 p.m.

PCL Hall (5th floor)

Performers: $50, Auditors: $20
Alberta College Campus
Register in advance by calling 780-633-3725

Intro to Estill Voice Work

In this Introduction to Estill Voice Work, participants will learn what recent voice science and anatomy has to teach vocalists about their voice and singing.  Learn quick and practical tools to improve your voice.  Understand the anatomical reasoning behind commonly used images and metaphors used by voice teachers, choir directors, and acting coaches.  This course will cover the 13 figures of voice control and how they mix to create 6 basic qualities of the voice: speech, sob, falsetto, twang, opera and belt. Students will have the opportunity to explore the different sounds the voice can make.

Instructor: Ron Long

Friday, July 27, 2018
10am to 4:30 pm (half-hour lunch break)

Tuition: $100
Alberta College Campus
To register call 780-633-3725



Estill Voice Training Program

Estill Voice Training™ is all about finding a new way to use your voice.  Experience “Figures of Voice Control” – exercises for vocal freedom – and apply the insights you gain to create new vocal colours. This workshop will give you an introduction to the process:  Level I (first half of the week) will teach you all of the “Figures”.  Level II will show you how “recipes” can me mixed for six voice qualities: speech, falsetto, Sob, twang, opera, and belting.  Re-energize and renew your voice.  Speak, sing, and find a new way with Estill Voice Training. 

Summer 2019. Dates TBA

Mo – Fr,  9:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.

Tuition: $650
Required workbooks: $80
Late registration charge (after June 22): $50

Instructor: Judith Dunlore (Certified Master Teacher and Course Instructor Estill Voice International)

Course Coordinator: Ron Long

Alberta College Campus

To register call 780-633-3725.

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