Musicianship and Theory


Sheet music

All of our theory instructors have the credentials, experience and ability to provide you with the quality theory instruction you need to strengthen your musicianship. They will help you prepare for the Royal Conservatory, Conservatory Canada or Associated Board examinations at all levels of theory, harmony/counterpoint, analysis and history.

Prepare in advance for post-secondary requirements for programs such as the MacEwan Theatre Arts or MacEwan Bachelor of Music in Jazz and Contemporary Popular Music. Learning theory can help you develop the skill to play with other musicians, tune your instrument, sing in pitch, compose music, transcribe melodies and chords and improvise.

Music rudiments gives you a strong foundation in understanding musical notation and improves the efficiency of learning and playing music. Harmony will help with writing for various musical parts, understanding melodic decoration, and enhance improvisation. Ear training you will help you learn learn pitches, intervals, chords, scales and modes, chord progressions and cadences, and rhythm. This will support your collaboration with other musicians and grain greater musicality. History helps you develop the understanding of the context for musical pieces. This helps create informed musical interpretations and inspiration for your own compositions.

Private, semi-private, and group lessons are available in all areas of theory.