Girl playing piano

Piano is one of the most popular instruments to learn. Not only does this instrument provide a solid visual reference for scales and melodies to learners who are new to music, it also is an extremely versatile instrument that can be played in a myriad of ensembles and styles.

Some benefits of learning piano include improving memory and coordination, advancing aural skills, and developing math and language skills in younger students. Lessons begin at various ages and are available at various levels. Before taking private piano lessons, children may benefit from enrolling in our the Music in Early Childhood program to give them a good head start in music.

Our students have gone on to perform at world-renowned festivals and competitions, win prestigious scholarships and awards and become professional musicians through post-secondary education. Our instructors have strong pedagogical aptitudes and perform at a professional level as soloists, chamber musicians and accompanists. Conservatory students have the opportunity to perform during our annual Spring Scholarship Competition and our Fall Music Festival.

Intermediate to advanced students can learn composition, theory, ear training and harmony to further their skills. We also offer lessons in jazz piano and improvisation for those students who wish to explore jazz and contemporary music.