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Child & Youth

Three children singing

Music provides a lifetime of enjoyment and builds a foundation that helps children succeed in all areas of life. From a very early age, involvement in music classes can help children develop language and math skills and improve self-esteem and social intelligence. Classes and ensembles are also a great way for your child to apply the skills and techniques they are exploring in their private lessons in a fun and welcoming group setting.

Classes are available at convenient times during the school year to suit your busy family life. We also offer a wide variety of summer programs including the Summer Jazz Workshop, the Summer Music Retreat for string and piano players, and creative music workshops for young composers to explore their talents. From helping your child get the best start possible in their musical journey with our Music in Early Childhood classes to preparing your teen for university music program auditions with our music theory courses, the Conservatory of Music has classes for all ages and stages of children.

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