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Registration & Fees

Registration for Music Lessons

Students of all musical abilities are invited to register in private lessons. Adults and children, home-school students, Royal Conservatory members—no matter your goal or your musical experience, you will benefit from these one-on-one lessons. You do not need to be a MacEwan student to register.

Conservatory Registration Steps


Complete and submit the Request a Teacher form

In this form, you identify the instrument you play and, if you'd like, the name of the instructor you’d like to be matched with. Depending on availability, you may or may not be matched with the instructor you've requested. Instructor availability is limited during summer months.

Request a Teacher form

Confirm lesson details with your instructor

After the Request a Teacher form is processed, the instructor you are matched with will connect with you directly to create a lesson schedule, including dates, times and number of lessons.

Call or drop by the Conservatory of Music to register and pay

After lesson details are confirmed with your instructor, contact the Conservatory of Music to register and pay the associated fees. You can choose between two payment options:

Full payment

With this option, you pay the registration fee and tuition for all lessons in one payment.


Payment plan

With this option, we set up tuition instalments that will be paid on the first day of each month. Payment can be set up using a credit card, through a void cheque or with a pre-authorized debit form. No post-dated cheques or cash are accepted.

The first instalment includes the annual registration fee, the first lesson’s tuition fee and the transaction fee for each instalment. All tuition must be paid by June 14 each year.


Tuition and fees

Several different fees may be associated with private lessons.

Annual registration fee

The annual fee of $40 per student or $50 per family is effective from July 1 to June 30. It is non-refundable and is required at the first payment of each academic year. The fee is prorated by 50% for annual registrations that begin on or after March 1.


The cost of a lesson varies and is based on the instructor, instrument and length of lesson. Lessons can be 30, 45 or 60 minutes.

Transaction fee

A $3 transaction fee will be applied to each transaction, excluding the first payment of an instalment in an academic year.

Administration fee

An administration fee of $40 will be charged if a payment cannot be made because of insufficient funds. This fee must be paid before the next scheduled payment.


Refunds, tax credits and cancellations

Withdrawing from private lessons

If you need to withdraw from lessons, you must provide notice, by email, before the fifth scheduled lesson takes place. No refund will be issued after the fifth lesson without instructor consent. Non-attendance does not constitute a withdrawal.

A $20 processing fee and the cost of four lessons will be deducted from your tuition refund.

Make-up lessons and cancellation policy

If your instructor must cancel a lesson, they will speak to you about a time to make up the class. If you cancel with reasonable notice, the instructor may wish to arrange a make-up lesson. If your instructor’s schedule does not permit it or if insufficient notice is given, your instructor is under no obligation to make up the lesson(s).

Contact your instructor directly to cancel or reschedule a lesson.

Tax credits

All private music lessons are non-credit and therefore do not qualify for a T2202A tax receipt. Arts credits have been replaced by the Canada Child Benefit.

Canada Revenue Agency // Canada Child Benefit


Registration for Courses

  • All courses, workshops and ensembles must be registered by phone or in person. Call 780-633-3725.

  • The full amount for the course is as listed and due at registration. No additional fees are required.

  • An email reminder will be sent out after prior to the first class.

Refund Policy for Non-credit Courses

For courses more than four weeks in length:

  • A 100% refund minus a $20 administrative withdrawal fee per course is available to students who withdraw before the day of the second scheduled class. No refund is available after the deadline date.

For workshops, seminars and short courses that are four weeks or less:

  • A 100% refund minus a $20 administrative withdrawal fee per course is available to students who withdraw five calendar days before the first scheduled class. No refund is available after the deadline date.


Earn high school credits

Students in theory-based or instrument-specific private lessons or courses can register for Royal Conservatory of Music exams in those areas. Based on the level achieved, you may be eligible for high school credits.