• Understanding Musical Development in Infants and Children: Aug 17
  • MacEwan Conservatory Big Band: Sep 13
  • Belting Workshop: TBA
  • The Authentic Voice: A Study of Mind-Body Connection in Music: TBA
  • Beginner Trumpet: TBA

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Understanding Musical Development in Infants and Children

Learning the elements of music is a complex process. In this workshop, participants will explore the power of “enculturation” (what you experience growing up), what seems to be “built in” to our brains, and what elements need formal instruction. The class will outline what we currently understand about how our brains process rhythm and melody, ways to teach music more effectively, and links between music lessons and the development of social, linguistic, and cognitive skills. In addition, participants will analyze the importance of music in our lives, as well as how to understand and interpret scientific findings. There will be opportunities for discussion, and the chance to take part in mini-experiments. This workshop will be useful for anybody who teaches infants and children, or who is interested in how our brains process music.

This event is presented in cooperation between Schoen Duo Studio and the MacEwan University Conservatory of Music.

Instructor: Dr. David Gerry
Thursday, August 17, 2017
1:00 – 5:00 p.m.

Tuition: $60

Alberta College Campus

To register call 780-633-3725


MacEwan Conservatory Big Band

For an exceptional educational and performance opportunity, join the MacEwan Conservatory Big Band formerly knows as the Tuesday Night Big Band! Participants will have the opportunity to play various styles of jazz music in a big band setting, and perform in several concerts throughout the year. Instructor: Jeff Bryant

Tuition: $345

Auditions: Tuesday, Sept 5, 2017
Tuesdays, Sep 12, 2017– May 28, 2017
7:30 – 9:30 pm
(No class Dec 5 – Jan 2)

Course fees due Sept 19, 2017

Alberta College Campus

A limited number of positions are available. Interested participants must call 780-633-3725 for further information prior to registering.

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Belting Workshop

This vocal belting workshop will cover the basic anatomy, physiology and sensations of belting. The first half of the workshop will introduce you to specific exercises which will help you develop your belt voice. In the second half, all participants will be given a chance to sing and be provided with pointers and feedback geared specifically to you. Students are required to bring their own sheet music for the latter portion of the workshop. Most songs can be found on

Instructor: Ron Long

Dates: TBA

Performers: $50

Auditors: $20

Alberta College Campus

To register call 780-633-3725

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The Authentic Voice: A Study of Mind-Body Connection in Music

The Authentic Voice class is an exploration of; authenticity, how we communicate with each other, singing, energy, and how life and the sound of our voice reflects who we are.

If you are singer and want to improve your singing then you will gain more presence to your voice and this will in turn build your outward presence in your voice. Ages 15+.

Topics covered:
• understand 7 physical body levels of support for singing.
• understand how the nervous system and the brain work with the voice.
• understand the negative inner voices that can stop you from singing.
• experience singing through 'play' and improvisation.
• experience the body as the instrument for the voice.

Instructor: Anna Beaumont
Date: TBA
Location:  Alberta College Campus 10050 MacDonald Drive - PCL Hall (5th Floor)

Cost: $50
To register call: 780-633-3725


Beginner Trumpet

This 10-week class gives students an opportunity to learn the trumpet in a group setting. All are welcome to join, from beginner to intermediate students looking to perform with others.

Instructor: Russel Whitehead
Cost: $180 for 10 classes

Dates TBA

Alberta College Campus

Call 780-633-3725 to register