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Introduction to Digital SLR Photography

VCPH 0100

Take better photographs by learning how to use Digital SLR (Single Lens Reflex) camera operations and functions. You will become confident with various camera settings and your ability to control the application of those settings. Through real time, online classes and interaction with your instructor, you will have your questions answered and have the opportunity to enhance your photography skills through guided critiques. Required: Digital SLR camera with manual capabilities.

Digital Photography Basics

VCPH 0101

Take better photographs by learning the operations and functions of your Digital SLR camera and learn practical applications for camera settings. This one-day course is designed to give you solid working knowledge of your camera. Required: Digital SLR camera with manual capabilities.

Digital Photography Level I: Modes, Exposure and Creative Foundations

VCPH 0102

Take better photos in all kinds of situations by learning the modes and capabilities of your Digital SLR camera. Learn how to control camera settings for proper exposure and build an understanding of image composition to achieve desired tone, style, and concept. Gain a better understanding of your camera and feel confident transitioning from automatic to manual mode to get creative control over your photos. Recommended prerequisite: VCPH 0101 Digital Photography Basics or equivalent.

Wedding Photography

VCPH 0131

Gain the confidence and skills to enter the wonderful world of wedding photography. From techniques in composition, light and locations, to intimate portraits and managing small and large group shots, learn indispensable strategies and skills to shoot as a professional. How to plan a wedding shoot from developing a shot list to set-up, and formal and informal creative posing of couples and groups will be presented. Ambient and artificial lighting, indoor and outdoor shooting, and best practices for professional shoots will also be covered.

The Business of Photography

VCPH 0133

Are you dreaming about starting your own photography business? Maybe you’ve started a side business and you’re looking to take your photography business to the next level. Gain a better understanding of copyright, how to protect your images, and how to price your work. You will also learn how to develop your personal brand, set up your business, create your website, and strategically use social media marketing tools to get noticed.

Photographing Children and Families

VCPH 0134

Capture beautiful family portraits with personality and style. Work with camera setting, light, composition and props to create exceptional individual and group portraits. Learn to skillfully and naturally pose subjects, and how to use lighting, colour and angles to your subject’s advantage. Acquire tips and tricks to capture stunning, professional quality photographs of children and families.

Mobile Photography Workshop

VCPH 0142

A mobile phone camera is a tool, just like any other camera, and it has the capability to take outstanding photos. Join the Mobile Photography Workshop to learn how to best use the camera that is always with you. With the right knowledge and practice, a mobile phone camera can be used to take photos that are so good, no one will know you took them with your phone.

Adobe Lightroom: Enhancing Images

VCPH 0161

Develop the skills necessary to enhance your digital photography and learn efficient workflow practices. Topics include an in-depth look at techniques for importing files, organizing photographs using the library, editing work in the develop module and outputting images for print and web. Required prerequisites: Digital Photography I or intermediate photography skills and basic computer skills.

Close-up and Macro Photography

VCPH 0171

Take a closer look at the intricate details of man-made and natural subjects and explore a variety of methods to gain magnification. Learn about lens selection, equipment and accessories for indoor table-top photography, as well as for outdoor subjects such as flowers and insects. You will engage in working with natural light, electronic flash and other light sources, as well as use limited depth of field and macro techniques. You will also participate in field trips, assignments and image critiques. Required prerequisite: Digital SLR I or intermediate photography skills and DSLR camera. Recommended: Macro lens and tripod.

Nature Photography

VCPH 0173

Capture the beauty of nature by focusing on details of life and the landscape. Learn about equipment, accessories, techniques and composition. Discover new aspects of the world around you while learning essential photographic skills in the classroom and on field trips. Recommended prerequisite: Digital DSLR I. Required: Camera with interchangeable lenses (Mirrorless or DSLR). Recommended: Tripod.

Digital Photography Level II: Technical Skills and Creative Vision

VCPH 0202

Broaden your technical skills and develop your creative vision through this project-based photography course. You will learn more about exposure through the Zone System and through a progressive series of assignments and critiques that will elevate your ability to evaluate your own work and create stronger images. Recommended Prerequisite: VCPH 0102 Digital Photography Level I or equivalent.


VCPH 0230

Expand your technical know-how and creative abilities working with flash. Start by learning the quality, colour and direction of light as it relates to the flash and exposure. Then explore flash settings and features such as manual, TTL, direct, bounce, off-camera and more. Models will be present for demos and studio shoots. Required prerequisite: Digital SLR Level I or intermediate photography skills and DSLR camera with manual capabilities and external flash.

Portrait Photography I

VCPH 0231

Become familiar with portrait photography theory and techniques to create meaningful portraits that capture personality and mood to convey a story. Whether working outdoors, in-studio, or on-location, learn which camera settings and lens choice are best for the type of image being created. Observe the process of setting up and crafting portrait photographs, then apply these techniques through assignments outside of class. Learn how to read the existing lighting conditions and choose which setup or modifier will help capture the image you are aiming to achieve. Recommended prerequisite: VCPH 0102 Digital SLR Level I.

Photography Independent Projects

VCPH 0302

Further advance and refine your creative and practical skills into an emerging photographic practice. Develop a body of strong and meaningful photographic work that draws on your skills and creative vision. You will explore exhibitions, artists, theories and critical debates to create a framework for the development, production and context of your independent projects. Recommended prerequisite: Previous Digital Photography course(s) and familiarity with Adobe Photoshop.

Writing Skills I

WRIT 0031

This course is designed for high-beginner level English as a Second Language learners who wish to improve their academic, social, or work related writing skills.

Writing Skills II

WRIT 0032

This course is intended for intermediate level English as a Second Language learners, many of whom may be studying at post-secondary institutions or working in an office setting, who wish to improve their academic, social, or work related writing skills.

Writing Skills III

WRIT 0033

This course is intended for advanced level English as a Second Language learners. It includes instruction of social or work-related writing tasks at a pre-academic or semi- professional level. Complex grammatical structures and vocabulary expansion will be introduced as they relate to these tasks.

197 courses found. Displaying courses 181 - 197

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