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Nature Photography

VCPH 0173

Capture the beauty of nature by focusing on details of life and the landscape. Learn about equipment, accessories, techniques and composition. Discover new aspects of the world around you while learning essential photographic skills in the classroom and on field trips. Recommended prerequisite: Digital DSLR I. Required: Camera with interchangeable lenses (Mirrorless or DSLR). Recommended: Tripod.

Digital SLR Level II

VCPH 0202

Broaden your technical skills and develop your creative vision through this project-based photography course. You will learn more about exposure through the Zone System and through a progressive series of assignments and critiques that will elevate your ability to evaluate your own work and create stronger images. Required: Digital SLR Level I and DSLR camera with manual capabilities.


VCPH 0230

Expand your technical know-how and creative abilities working with flash. Start by learning the quality, colour and direction of light as it relates to the flash and exposure. Then explore flash settings and features such as manual, TTL, direct, bounce, off-camera and more. Models will be present for demos and studio shoots. Required prerequisite: Digital SLR Level I or intermediate photography skills and DSLR camera with manual capabilities and external flash.

Portrait Photography I

VCPH 0231

Capture portraits with meaning. Learn to take compelling portraits using available light, on and off camera flash, and studio lighting techniques. Work in a range of settings from found and created backdrops to subjects in their own environment. Create a project-based portfolio of formal, candid, environmental and editorial portraits. Recommended prerequisite: Digital SLR I. Required: Digital SLR camera with manual capabilities and an external flash.

Photography - Independent Projects

VCPH 0302

Further advance and refine your creative and practical skills into an emerging photographic practice. Develop a body of strong and meaningful photographic work that draws on your skills and creative vision. You will explore exhibitions, artists, theories and critical debates to create a framework for the development, production and context of your independent projects. Recommended prerequisite: previous DSLR course(s) and familiarity with Adobe Photoshop. Required: Digital SLR camera with manual capabilities.

Writing Skills I

WRIT 0031

This course is designed for high-beginner level English as a Second Language learners who wish to improve their academic, social, or work related writing skills.

Writing Skills II

WRIT 0032

This course is intended for intermediate level English as a Second Language learners, many of whom may be studying at post-secondary institutions or working in an office setting, who wish to improve their academic, social, or work related writing skills.

Writing Skills III

WRIT 0033

This course is intended for advanced level English as a Second Language learners. It includes instruction of social or work-related writing tasks at a pre-academic or semi- professional level. Complex grammatical structures and vocabulary expansion will be introduced as they relate to these tasks.

188 courses found. Displaying courses 181 - 188

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