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Adobe InDesign Level II

AVDM 0238

Refine your Adobe InDesign skills by harnessing its advanced tools and features to layout and design complex documents. In this intermediate-to-advanced hands-on course you’ll produce a series of real-world documents for print and online use. Emphasis will be placed on best practices for longer document layouts including type handling, master pages, style sheets, colour theory, and the creation and use of layout grids. Prerequisites: AVDM 0138 Adobe InDesign Level I.

WordPress for Web Page Publishing

AVDM 0260

Discover how to create your own user-friendly website, web page, photo site or blog tailored to your unique goals. You will learn to create, install, customize and publish in WordPress through hands-on activities, as well as how to work with themes, plug-ins, widgets and dashboard. Note: This course does not include theme development which is discussed in Web Design & Development Level III. Required prerequisite: Basic computer skills. Recommended prerequisite: Web Design and Development Level I.

Web Design and Development Level II

AVDM 0263

Build on the knowledge you acquired in Web Design and Development I and gain more in-depth experience using HTML5 and advanced CSS. Use existing jQuery plugins, or write your own to discover new ways of adding interactivity, animation and better usability. Create, design and implement web layouts focused on design principles and utility. Learn about site structure and web planning issues. You will have class time to practice the techniques. Required prerequisite: Web Design and Development I. Adobe Photoshop is an asset.

Adobe Illustrator Level II

AVDM 0270

Further your knowledge of the skills and tools you acquired in Adobe Illustrator Level I as you apply advanced techniques in colour, type and graphic styles including gradient mesh, paths, brushes, filters, blending and 3D effects. Through in-class projects, you will use advanced tools as well as colour settings, print specifications and file formats. Prerequisite: AVDM 0170 Adobe Illustrator Level I or equivalent.

Website Success: SEO and Analytics

AVDM 0359

Take your website to the next level and optimize your ranking in search engines. Discover how search engine optimization tools and website analytics are used to drive new traffic to your website. Required prerequisite: Web Design and Development Level II or intermediate website development skills.

Web Design and Development Level III

AVDM 0363

Create client-focused, user–friendly websites using preferred software and learn how to integrate existing HTML websites into WordPress (CMS, content management system). You will practice interactivity and site customization with CSS, widgets and plug-ins, and learn how site design can achieve user-friendly access. See what is involved in project, content and workflow management. You will have class time to practice the techniques. Required prerequisite: Web Design and Development Level II.

Plant Production and Facility Management

CANB 0401

Learn the fundamentals of commercial cannabis plant production and facility management including an understanding of good production practices (GPP), quality assurance, quality control, quality management systems and integrated pest management (IPM). Students will learn to identify key differences in plant characteristics, discuss how to design and optimize the environment for commercial-scale cannabis production, explore irrigation options and treatment techniques as well as growing mediums, hydroponic systems and crop cycles. Students will also examine the history of regulatory changes, the application process for licensed producers, standard operating procedure, design and implementation and record keeping within the scope of Health Canada’s cannabis industry guidelines and requirements.

Marketing Under the Cannabis Act

CANB 0402

Examine the opportunities and challenges associated with marketing within the heavily restricted cannabis industry. Students will learn to analyze and apply the Cannabis Act marketing restrictions by developing a comprehensive marketing plan that demonstrates a thorough understanding of current packaging, labeling, promotion, display, selling and distribution regulations. This course is ideal for marketing professionals interested in transitioning into the strictly regulated cannabis industry. An understanding of general marketing concepts and principles is recommended.

Sage 50 Accounting-Level I

CMSK 0128

Develop your computerized accounting skills with this popular software used by many businesses. Learn about the chart of accounts, general journal transactions, inventory, purchases, sales and payroll. You will also learn how to create various financial reports. Recommended prerequisite: Basic accounting knowledge or Bookkeeping Basics.

Microsoft Excel - Basics

CMSK 0220

This three-hour workshop teaches Microsoft Excel basics. Although this workshop was created for the computer novice, experienced users may find it useful. Those with Excel experience may acquire the knowledge to “fill in the blanks” as far as basic Excel knowledge is concerned. This fast-paced course will prepare students for further training in Excel.

Microsoft Excel – Charting

CMSK 0221

This course will focus on the charting capabilities of Excel. Students will learn what the vast array of charts in Excel are used for and will be taken through practical examples of how to format data for charts and what chart may be most appropriate for a visual depiction of their data.

Microsoft Excel - Databases and Data Sharing

CMSK 0222

This three-hour workshop will take students through the basics of collecting, formatting and manipulating data in Excel. Students will learn how to quickly summarize, subtotal and filter data as well as share data between Excel and other Microsoft Office programs. Students will also learn how to create rules to ensure data is entered properly and how to “clean up” data. A variety of data functions in Excel will also be examined.

MicroSoft Excel - Pivot Tables

CMSK 0223

This course will take students through the basics of creating and manipulating pivot tables and pivot charts. Pivot tables are great for summarizing and analyzing data. Students will also use the GETPIVOTDATA function to extract data from existing pivot tables as well as queries to pull data from multiple sources into a single pivot table. Prerequisites: Basic computer skills

Microsoft Excel - Finance Functions Overview

CMSK 0224

This course will introduce students to the numerous financial functions in Excel. In conjunction with the instructor, students will work through practical examples of the functions and find out why, how and when certain functions are used.

Internet of Things (IOT)

CMSK 0225

IOT is one of the fastest growing technology trends of 2020, come learn how the Internet of Things is transforming data collection and analytical practices across the world. An IOT device is a small internet-connected device that runs autonomously and collects data about its surroundings. Explore with us what IOT devices may already be in your home (Nest, Alexa, Google home, etc.), how IOT helps large industry make smarter decisions, and how the low cost of IOT is being exploited in developing nations. We’ll investigate the IOT product lifecycle, highlighting some real examples of failure and successes, and how you may approach getting your own IOT idea to market. Good understanding of web browsing is required (i.e. Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari, etc.).

Google Sheets Basics

CMSK 0226

Google Sheets is a popular collaborative tool that can be used for budgeting, tracking inventory, data analysis, and more. This course will help you master the most common functions, formulae, and important features to support your work. Cover the basics and learn to use sheets to analyse and visualize data in a collaborative manner. This course is for anyone who wants to get more out of Google Sheets.

Microsoft SharePoint Level I (User)

CMSK 0230

Learn the basics of Microsoft SharePoint: a popular web-based application platform used globally by organizations of all sizes. This introductory course will cover the fundamentals of what SharePoint is, how it organizes data and how to control the information. We will cover topics such as: SharePoint overview; access and logging in; navigation of the menus and common functions; viewing and changing list data; manipulating views; viewing and managing library documents; document taxonomy and meta data; viewing pages and webparts; SharePoint’s standard security model; and general best practices. The intended audience of this course is end-users who already have a SharePoint site set up for them. It does not cover site administration; changing permissions; creating document taxonomy; formulae; creating pages; and workflows.

Microsoft Teams Level I

CMSK 0231

Learn how to collaborate with your team with the newest communications tool from Microsoft. This course will outline the main components of Microsoft Teams, focusing on the needs of the typical end-user, using web or mobile devices. We will explore how to manage team structures, set up channels and communicate using a variety of methods such as chat, file share, screen share, wikis, audio/video meetings—even emojis and GIFs. We will also briefly cover how Teams works closely with other Microsoft Office 365 products such as SharePoint, OneDrive, Planner, Power BI and more. Ideally, students of this course will follow along; a hands-on approach will increase long term retention. Free trials of Teams are available with a Microsoft Office 365 account.

Cloud Computing - Hands on Introduction

CMSK 0232

Learn the basics of cloud computing, including a hands-on tutorial for launching your first cloud server. This hands-on course will walk through the creation of a new virtual private computer and setting up an EC2 Linux Server. Concepts such as micro services, LAMP architecture, distributed computing, and Kubernetes will be covered. Students interested in this course should have an appetite for technology. This course is geared towards students who want to know “how the cloud works”. Good understanding of web browsing is required (i.e. Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari, etc.)

MS Project Essentials

CMSK 0233

Become proficient in creating and managing projects using Microsoft Project tools. Discover MS project capabilities, including creating project schedule, entering tasks/setting up relationships, and assigning resources and costs. You will also learn about critical paths, baselines and how to create basic reports.

197 courses found. Displaying courses 21 - 40

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