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Web Design and Development Level II

AVDM 0263

Build on the knowledge you acquired in Web Design and Development I and gain more in-depth experience using HTML5 and advanced CSS. Use existing jQuery plugins, or write your own to discover new ways of adding interactivity, animation and better usability. Create, design and implement web layouts focused on design principles and utility. Learn about site structure and web planning issues. You will have class time to practice the techniques. Required prerequisite: Web Design and Development I. Adobe Photoshop is an asset.

Adobe Illustrator Level II

AVDM 0270

Further your knowledge of the skills and tools you acquired in Adobe Illustrator Level I as you apply advanced techniques in colour, type and graphic styles including gradient mesh, paths, brushes, filters, blending and 3D effects. Through in-class projects, you will use advanced tools as well as colour settings, print specifications and file formats. Prerequisite: AVDM 0170 Adobe Illustrator Level I or equivalent.

Website Success: SEO and Analytics

AVDM 0359

Take your website to the next level and optimize your ranking in search engines. Discover how search engine optimization tools and website analytics are used to drive new traffic to your website. Required prerequisite: Web Design and Development Level II or intermediate website development skills.

Web Design and Development Level III

AVDM 0363

Create client-focused, user–friendly websites using preferred software and learn how to integrate existing HTML websites into WordPress (CMS, content management system). You will practice interactivity and site customization with CSS, widgets and plug-ins, and learn how site design can achieve user-friendly access. See what is involved in project, content and workflow management. You will have class time to practice the techniques. Required prerequisite: Web Design and Development Level II.

Plant Production and Facility Management

CANB 0401

Learn the fundamentals of commercial cannabis plant production and facility management including an understanding of good production practices (GPP), quality assurance, quality control, quality management systems and integrated pest management (IPM). Students will learn to identify key differences in plant characteristics, discuss how to design and optimize the environment for commercial-scale cannabis production, explore irrigation options and treatment techniques as well as growing mediums, hydroponic systems and crop cycles. Students will also examine the history of regulatory changes, the application process for licensed producers, standard operating procedure, design and implementation and record keeping within the scope of Health Canada’s cannabis industry guidelines and requirements.

Marketing Under the Cannabis Act

CANB 0402

Examine the opportunities and challenges associated with marketing within the heavily restricted cannabis industry. Students will learn to analyze and apply the Cannabis Act marketing restrictions by developing a comprehensive marketing plan that demonstrates a thorough understanding of current packaging, labeling, promotion, display, selling and distribution regulations. This course is ideal for marketing professionals interested in transitioning into the strictly regulated cannabis industry. An understanding of general marketing concepts and principles is recommended.

Sage 50 Accounting-Level I

CMSK 0128

Develop your computerized accounting skills with this popular software used by many businesses. Learn about the chart of accounts, general journal transactions, inventory, purchases, sales and payroll. You will also learn how to create various financial reports. Recommended prerequisite: Basic accounting knowledge or Bookkeeping Basics.

Sage 50 Accounting - Level II

CMSK 0428

Build on your basic accounting skills with additional and advanced procedures such as creating a company, customizing settings, security features, budgeting, foreign currencies, departmental accounting, time and billings, payroll procedures, and year-end processes. You will also learn how to create graphs and management reports. Prerequisites: Sage 50 Accounting-Level I (formerly Simply Accounting).

QuickBooks-Level I

CMSK 0830

QuickBooks is an ideal accounting software package for small to medium sized businesses. In this introductory course, you will learn how to perform basic accounting tasks such as journal entries, purchases, sales and payroll. You will also learn how to create new accounts and manage inventory, customer and vendor records. In addition, you will learn to generate various reports and perform year-end procedures. Recommended prerequisite: Basic accounting knowledge or Bookkeeping Basics

QuickBooks-Level II

CMSK 0832

Enhance your QuickBooks skills by covering advanced features related to account receivables, payables, inventory and payroll transactions. You will learn how to set up a new company, bank reconciliations, budgets, and departmental accounting, as well as security and access rights. In addition, you will learn to charge interest on overdue accounts, process credit card transactions and NSF cheques, as well as work with bad debts, sales tax, WCB, job tracking and foreign currencies. Recommended prerequisites: QuickBooks – Level I and basic accounting knowledge.

Bridging Into Child and Youth Care Work

CYCW 0100

This course meets the diverse needs of students preparing to enter the first year of the CYC diploma program or preparing to transfer into the second year of the CYC diploma program. The course provides a bridge to entry into the field of child and youth care by highlighting key themes and strategies from child and youth care knowledge and skills. Students will explore important aspects of adolescent development, family systems, resiliency, leadership, activities programming, professional ethics and solution- focused helping skills.

Fundamentals of Writing

ENGL 089

ENGL 0089 is an intensive developmental course designed to prepare students for ENGL 111. By placing considerable emphasis on students' ability to construct grammatically correct sentences, to use different kinds of paragraphs, and to advance to the writing of at least one full-length essay, the course strives to help students write with noticeable clarity and versatility. Students also explore effective word choices and begin to develop a personal style.

Discover Alberta I

ESLG 0001

This two to four week course is intended for international visitors to Edmonton wishing to combine English language learning and cultural experiences. Discover Alberta I provides conversational English at a high-beginner to low-intermediate level, vocabulary and grammatical structures to understand and participate in simple conversation about tourist attractions, cultural, educational and technological features and other topics of general interest.


ESLG 0026

IELTS Ready is a short course designed to prepare students to take the IELTS test, both the general and the academic tests. The course covers all 4 skills and all tasks on the test.
Prerequisites: IELTS 5.5, CLB 7 or equivalent.

Your Summer Adventure - Youth

ESLG 0100

This program will provide High School students a unique learning opportunity to come to Edmonton, Alberta and participate in MacEwan’s ESL immersive program. Over the four-week period, students will develop their language skills during morning ESL classes which focus on Alberta culture and history. In the afternoons, students will have an opportunity to visit a number of different attractions in the Edmonton area and apply new vocabulary learned in the morning ESL sessions.

IELTS Preparation I

ESLG 057

This course prepares students in the four skill areas of reading, writing, listening and speaking to achieve a score of at least 5 on the IELTS (International English Language Testing system) exam in language proficiency. After completing this course successfully, students should be ready to take the IELTS exam and/or continue on to IELTS Preparation II in order to achieve a higher level of proficiency. Prerequisites: ERDW 083 AND ESPL 083, IELTS 4.5, iBT TOEFL 60 or CAEL 50 or equivalent.

IELTS Preparation II

ESLG 058

This course is designed for students who are working toward a score of 6.5 or higher on the IELTS (International Language Testing System) exam. Students continue to practice the four skill areas of reading, writing, listening, and speaking in order to advance to a higher level of proficiency in English. Prerequisites: ERDW 084 AND ESPL 084, IELTS 5.5, iBT TOEFL 70, CAEL 60 or equivalent.

French Level I: Pronunciation, Vocabulary, Grammar and Conversation Basics

FREN 0100

Gain basic French pronunciation and conversational skills, including the vocabulary used to ask and answer questions relating to the time, date and various other types of information. In this interactive course, you will build vocabulary to engage in simple conversations in a variety of situations including shopping, and ordering in restaurants. Although the emphasis will be on pronunciation and learning key phrases, basic grammar, reading and writing skills will also be covered.

French Level II: Pronunciation, Vocabulary Building, Grammar and Conversation

FREN 0200

Practice and build your French language skills by adding to your vocabulary and increasing your ability to express yourself using different verb tenses, adjectives, and adverbs. Learn to describe people and objects, talk about the weather and leisure activities, ask for and give directions, make travel arrangements in a polite manner, and describe basic past actions. You will also learn to use more complex French grammatical tenses and further develop your reading and writing skills through games and dialogues.

French Level III: Intermediate Grammar, Vocabulary Building & Conversation Development

FREN 0300

Improve your speaking and listening abilities as well as your reading and writing skills by learning and applying intermediate to advanced French language grammatical tenses. Broaden your range of vocabulary and express yourself with increased confidence and ease by engaging in more complex conversations that employ the use of past and future tenses.

172 courses found. Displaying courses 21 - 40

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