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Group Facilitation Techniques

PRDV 0753

In today's increasingly complex and fast-changing world, collaborations is a necessity for organizations of all types and sizes. Getting and staying on the same page, and working together while leveraging individual and group creativity may not come automatically. Effective group facilitation can help maximize the synergy in collaboration. An effective facilitator can serve as an enabler to help accelerate the process of gaining clarity, solving problems, and building consensus.

Strategies for Managing Projects

PRDV 0755

Have you ever been given a project to coordinate? Had to prepare an annual report? Organize an office move? Plan an event? These are all projects and managing projects successfully is a valuable skill. In this practical, hands-on course you will learn the basics of managing projects throughout the various phases including conception, planning, execution and completion.

Effective Conflict Management

PRDV 0770

Mismanaged conflict, whether it be with other employees or with the public, is emotionally draining and affects motivation and productivity. By learning about the causes of conflict, ways to change behaviours and how to communicate without anger, the effects of unproductive conflicts can be avoided or diminished. In this workshop, learn to identify the signs of arising conflicts, understand the source and the use of appropriate skills for effectively managing conflict.

Resolving Everyday Conflict - Level I

PRDV 0771

Conflict is a part of everyday life. It occurs in our workplaces and in our close relationships, as well as at a societal level. All too often we see conflicts leading to aggression, even hostility. Unresolved conflict at work can lead to job dissatisfaction and employee turnover. But if we learn to handle it constructively, conflict can also be a catalyst for change and growth. Learn about the different types of workplace conflict and its effects on individuals and the organization. You will learn how to identify your own conflict style and that of others, understand the problem-solving process, and explore key principles and techniques for managing and resolving conflicts constructively.

Resolving Everyday Conflict - Level II

PRDV 0772

Developing expertise in conflict resolution is a crucial skill for anyone in a leadership role. In this intensive two-day workshop you will learn and apply intermediate and advanced strategies and tactics in conflict resolution, coaching, negotiation and mediation through role playing and case studies. Regardless of your role in your organization or social network, you will leave equipped with the tools and knowledge to build a positive culture and sustain an atmosphere of respect for diversity and peace. Prerequisite: Resolving Everyday Conflict Level I or equivalent

The Art of Persuasion

PRDV 0774

Would you like to have more influence in your professional or personal life and impress others with the merits of your ideas? Are you ready to master the art of persuasion? Discover how you can use the four sources of power and the science of persuasion in your verbal and written communications. You will also learn how to tailor your message to fit the different communication and decision-making styles of others and have the opportunity to practice these techniques so you can apply them immediately.

Minute Taking Made Easy

PRDV 0781

If people can't remember what occurred or what was decided at a meeting, how can the group accomplish its objectives? Discover the top minute-taking tips and techniques, and develop key minute-taking skills that include listening, critical thinking and organization. You learn to produce minutes that include essential, accurate information for informal, semi-formal, formal and action-oriented meetings. When you know how to write minutes for a meeting, you know how to keep track of business.

Effective Business Writing - Level I

PRDV 0784

Every word you write becomes a reflection of you and your credibility. In today's workplace, effective written communication is critical for success. Develop your ability to organize your ideas using an audience-centred approach to achieve the results you want. You will apply your knowledge with a variety of in-class exercises that will help you master the steps to producing concise business letters. You will also learn how to solve the most common grammar mistakes and how to polish your work by revising, editing and proofreading your written communications.

E-mail Essentials for Business

PRDV 0788

Increase your credibility in the workplace by writing clear and concise e-mail. Like it or not, your professionalism and competence are often judged based on how well you communicate. Most people treat e-mail very casually, sometimes overlooking the principles of good writing. Learn how to plan and write e-mail using the appropriate format, and why mastering e-mail etiquette is one of the most valuable things you can do to succeed in your career. In addition, you learn how to manage your inbox and organize the e-mail you receive.

Effective Business Writing - Level II

PRDV 0790

Already a good writer? Enhance your ability to write clear, concise, well-constructed sentences, clarify complex information and document your sources. You will work on writing letters of recommendation, persuasion, refusal or action, as well as learn the essential components of writing well-constructed business cases, proposals and reports. You will also apply techniques for using voice, rhythm and tone. This knowledge and practice will prepare you to create effective documents that will strengthen your business communications.

Finance and Budget Basics

PRDV 0799

Basic financial skills are absolutely necessary in order to become a successful, effective manager. If you find yourself scratching your head when you try to understand financial terminology, read financial statements and annual reports, need to organize your books, or need to prepare a budget, this two-day workshop is for you. Become familiar with key financial terms and learn the essentials of bookkeeping, the different types of financial statements, financial ratios, break-even analysis, and budgeting.

Time Management & Priority Planning

PRDV 0803

Need more time? Learn practical techniques for effective time management and how you can effectively deal with your time wasters (procrastination, unclear priorities, interruptions, e-mail and clutter to name a few). Get more out of your day and your life!

The Art of Public Speaking

PRDV 0812

Discover what it takes to get through any public speaking situation. Whether you’re delivering a formal presentation or just offering an opinion in a meeting, this is the course for you. Learn what causes your fear of public speaking and techniques that can help you face that fear and move through it. Discover the key factors to effective public speaking and the secret to making powerful presentations.

The Basics of Project Management

PRDV 0819

Gain an understanding of the project characteristics, along with the five Project Management Process Groups: Initiating, Planning, Executing, Monitoring and Controlling and Closing to enhance overall performance and the success of projects in any organization or industry. Discover how to integrate the ten Knowledge Area processes, tools, techniques and templates in a manner that can be readily applied in the workplace. Learn how to apply various techniques such as stakeholder analysis, work breakdown structure, scheduling, estimating, risk assessments, evaluation criteria, change control and lessons learned.

Project Schedule and Cost Management

PRDV 0820

Scheduling along with cost definition and control is critical to project success. Learn how to transform project scope and quality objectives into a feasible project schedule and cost baseline for tracking and control. Concepts include how to estimate the impact of adaptive versus predictive project management and effective techniques to develop and display schedule information for critical paths. Students will apply various techniques to measure and report the combined impact of schedule and cost variances against a baseline plan. Earned Value Analysis will enable students to properly forecast potential project outcomes.

Project Risk Management

PRDV 0822

Inappropriately managed risk can have serious consequences. Learn how to identify, accurately assess and respond to risk in an effective manner. Concepts include risk identification and understanding probability to develop reasonable risk response strategies. Incorporating risk through risk registers, audits and reassessment into the project management plan is addressed. Students will apply various techniques such as risk categorization, quantitative risk analysis, expected monetary value analysis, contingency analysis, risk mitigation strategies, decision trees, variance, and trend analysis.

Project Procurement Management

PRDV 0823

Negotiating contracts or defining the activities required by a vendor ensures a cost-effective project has the resources needed to meet challenges. Develop contracting strategies and the respective roles of the project and procurement departments in negotiating, administering, managing and closing contracts. Concepts include the procurement life cycle, basic components and types of contracts, evaluation approaches, and vendor relationship management. Students will apply various techniques including, making or buying analysis, selection of contract types, risk mitigation using procurement strategies, and procurement performance reviews and audits.

Project Integration Management

PRDV 0828

Integration of all interrelated project activities is the key to a successful project. Learn how integration processes assist the project manager to identify the interdependencies among activities to deliver projects on time and on budget. Learn to integrate all the elements of a project into a single comprehensive management plan and action that plan using appropriate monitoring and control techniques combined with a comprehensive change control process. Concepts include how all the project management knowledge areas work together in an integrated fashion, configuration management change control tools, lessons learned and close out reports.

Project Scope and Quality Management

PRDV 0838

Scope definition and quality control are fundamental to project success. Learn how to elicit and turn requirements into a project scope with the appropriate level of quality. Concepts include requirements elicitation and traceability techniques, scope management planning, work breakdown structure, scope validation and scope control. Students will apply these concepts to various exercises based on real world examples and case studies.

Emotional Intelligence

PRDV 0843

When we look at the truly extraordinary people who inspire and make a difference you see that they do this by connecting with people at a personal and emotional level. Emotional intelligence, also called EQ, is the ability to be aware of and to manage emotions and relationships. IQ gets you in the door, but it is your EQ, your ability to connect with others and manage the emotions of yourself and others, that may contribute to your success.

191 courses found. Displaying courses 101 - 120

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