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Logistics and Relationship Management

SCMT 0503

Discover the value proposition that the international logistics trade environment provides resulting in service benefits, cost minimization and organizational success. Examine the broad range of global logistics activities related to order processing, inventory, transportation, warehousing, materials handling and packaging, and facility network design. Students will learn about international operations and explore the integration objectives of responsiveness, variance and inventory reduction, shipment consolidation, quality and life cycle support. Customer service and satisfaction will be reviewed, with the aim of achieving the “perfect order” illustrating how success can be achieved when customers are satisfied.

Transportation Management

SCMT 0504

From an international, free-market perspective, students will enhance their knowledge of the infrastructure and regulations for freight transportation. They will examine costing and pricing techniques, and various systems for transportation management to help assess which services best fit the requirements. This will include analysis of specialized, value-added services including product packaging, sorting, sequencing and just-in-time or guaranteed delivery, as well as intermodal and non-operating intermediaries.

International Sourcing

SCMT 0505

Make global sourcing decisions that incorporate overall procurement objectives including continuous supply strategies, quality improvement, supplier development and the lowest total cost of ownership. Learn to assess industry and alternate procurement strategies that include insourcing versus outsourcing, as well as managing an international procurement strategy. The stages of global supply chain integration and guidelines for making global sourcing decisions will also be examined, along with advanced planning and scheduling (APS). Students will develop their knowledge of sales and operational planning for forecasting and effective cross-functional, cross-organizational collaboration.

Production and Operations Analysis

SCMT 0506

Explore the latest developments in manufacturing that drive new operational methods which have logistical implications on decisions related to manufacturing processes and strategies. Learn to analyze and assess total quality management programs and standards, manufacturing processes and strategies, as well as the trade-offs that must be made with alternative manufacturing processes. Students will acquire techniques to evaluate and develop an operational analysis methodology along with strategies for logistics planning.

Supply Chain Risk Management

SCMT 0507

Risk in the supply chain is inevitable and can have serious consequences if not managed. Students will learn to identify, evaluate, and plan for risk using risk management strategies and techniques in response to uncertainty in the global supply chain industry and acquire techniques to analyze the interrelationship between supply chain processes operational and financial hedging strategies to create resilience. Students will build their awareness about sustainability from various perspectives including the environment, ethics, education and economics.

Warehousing & Material Handling

SCMT 0508

Gain a stronger appreciation of the value warehousing contributes to the logistics process. Analyze the economic and service justification for warehousing and identify the activities required for facility design and operations. Students will examine the two main focuses of warehouse operations: handling and storage, evaluate the various ownership arrangements and assess the role of warehouse management systems (WMS) and yard management systems (YMS). Students will explore mechanized, semi-automated and information-directed handling equipment capabilities and trade-offs.

Tracing the Critical Moments of Your Life

SISS 0101

Learn how tracing the critical moments of your life can unlock your forgotten passions, build your confidence and help you reconnect with yourself. If you are considering retirement, newly retired, or experiencing a life transition, this is the course for you. Using a step-by-step process and a workbook to guide you, you will learn how to tell your story. Your final product will be a journal of the key moments in your life along with related artifacts (either in pictures or from the boxes stored long ago in your basement!) that captures the times of joy and sadness, the hardships and losses, the aha moments and the moments of self-development that stand out in your life, going back to your earliest memories. You will leave with a surer sense of who you are and what you are interested in exploring as you go forward in the next chapter of your life.

Choosing to Thrive: Growth & Renewal through Retirement

SISS 0102

Engage in the process of exploring and building your own post-retirement life plan. Using a workbook provided in class, you will journal your exploration of six key questions that range from “what do I value in life?” to “what are the areas of play in my life that I could transition into a new career?” The goal is to develop a post-retirement life vision and plan that keeps you engaged, learning and contributing to society. The book: “The Third Age: Six Principles of Growth and Renewal after Forty,” by sociologist William A. Sadler will be provided in class.

Introduction to Cree Worldview

SISS 0454

Join Roxanne Tootoosis, an Indigenous Knowledge Keeper/Facilitator with MacEwan University, as she shares some of the oral traditional teachings on Cree culture and historical content on the First peoples of this land. The session will begin with a teaching indigenous smudge ceremony, and there will be an opportunity for participants to engage in dialogue in a circle process.

Skills Appraisal

SKAP 0001

If you have applied to a program, you should only enrol for the skills appraisal test only if this item is showing on your To Do List. The skills appraisal test is used to assess your abilities in reading and writing. Also, if your program requires mathematical skills, you will be tested in math as well. If you choose to write the test before applying to a program, please check the Skills Appraisal Exemption Chart as not all programs accept the skills appraisal exam.

Skills Appraisal Rewrite - with Permission

SKAP 0002

You should only enrol in the skills appraisal rewrite if you have been given permission by a university advisor. Once the rewrite has been completed, you cannot write the test again for 2 years. Please note: If you enrol without prior permission, you may be turned away at the exam sitting.

Skills Appraisal scheduled with Services to Students with Disabilities

SKAP 0003

You should only enrol in SKAP 0003 to write the skills appraisal if you have been approved for exam accommodations (due to disability) by Services to Students with Disabilities (SSD) and are scheduled to write the Skills Appraisal in the SSD Exam Centre. If you are not yet registered with SSD or not scheduled to write the Skills Appraisal with SSD, please contact the SSD office at 780 497 5886 to make an appointment to speak with a Learning Specialist.

Spanish Level I: Survival Basics

SPAN 0100

Learn to speak everyday Spanish for travel and basic social interactions. Topics include: asking for and giving personal information, exchanging greetings and introductions, asking for directions and describing people and places. The focus is on pronunciation, developing speaking and listening skills, and learning key phrases for a variety of situations. Basic grammar, reading and writing skills will also be covered.

Spanish Level II: Conversation Development for Independent Travel

SPAN 0200

Become familiar with the cultural aspects of the Spanish speaking world, and strengthen your verbal and written communication abilities by building your vocabulary and grammar skills. Learn to tell the time, express preferences, likes and dislikes, make requests and offers, and make comparisons. You will learn to give commands, use adverbs, apply direct, indirect and double object pronouns, and practice conversations in several tenses including progressive present and imperfect.

Spanish Level III: Everyday Grammar and Conversation Enhancement

SPAN 0300

Through role play and everyday scenarios, continue to strengthen your conversational skills and ability to express yourself using present, past and future tenses. You will discuss daily routines, ask for and give reasons, discuss and make requests, and express approximations with regard to time. Also learn to form questions and statements about a sequence of events, future actions and intentions. Using a variety of tenses, you will explain what you used to do and what you like.

Spanish Level IV

SPAN 0400

The student in Level IV will learn how to describe people and places in reference to the past, learn more complex forms of comparison and how to express degrees of certainty on a variety of topics. The past tense will be presented through various topics such as how to talk about events, which have taken place in the past, and how to say what you have done. Telephone skills will continue to be developed by learning how to ask and say who is calling, by describing what has happened in the past and what has been done by someone else, as well as explaining what other people have said and whether the student has remembered or forgotten something. Making predictions will give the student practice with the future tense. In additions the student will learn how to give instructions and warnings to others. Prerequisite: SPAN 0300 or similar course within past year, or equivalent skill level.

Clear Speaking I

SPSK 0031

Clear Speaking I offers instruction in oral communication skills for social and workplace situations. Strategies for improving pronunciation and intelligibility will be covered on a systematic basis. This course is intended for students with a high-beginner level of English proficiency.

Clear Speaking II

SPSK 0032

Clear Speaking II offers instruction in oral communication skills for social, workplace, and academic situations. Strategies for improving pronunciation and intelligibility will be covered on a systematic basis. This course is intended for students with an intermediate level of English proficiency.

Clear Speaking III

SPSK 0033

Clear Speaking III offers instruction in oral communication skills for social, professional, and academic situations. Strategies for improving pronunciation, intelligibility, and general expression are covered on a systematic basis.Vocabulary development and idiomatic usage are also covered. This course is intended for students with an advanced level of English proficiency.

University 101

STSS 0010

University 101 is a program designed to be taken alongside your academic courses to help you explore how you learn best, how to plan your semester and make the most of your study time, how to improve your reading, studying, and researching skills, and how to engage in effective career planning, goal management, and self-care. The program is delivered partly online and partly in person, with support from the program instructor and fellow students along the way. Students will walk away with an academic edge and the skills to help them be successful in class and beyond.

170 courses found. Displaying courses 121 - 140

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