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Jazz Appreciation

SISS 0201

Jazz music is part of the rich tapestry of our daily lives and culture. Whether you are enjoying a cup of coffee at your favourite café or out shopping, you are sure to hear the pearly piano of Oscar Peterson or the velvet voice of Diana Krall, both wonderful examples of Canada’s contribution to the world of jazz. Jazz is the supreme combination of freedom within structure, but just how that works remains a mystery to the average listener. This series of fun-filled, “foot-tapping” interactive sessions will help you gain a deeper appreciation of jazz. You will learn how to distinguish the difference between the blues and the standard popular song form, and discover how they are used in various jazz styles from 1920s Dixieland, Big Band Swing of the 1930s and 1940s, Bebop in the 1950s, and the advent of electric instruments in Fusion from the 1960s and beyond.

Introduction to Meditation

SISS 0431

Are you new to meditation? Are you curious about how meditation can positively improve your health and quality of life? Learn the basic science, philosophy and practice of meditation with the intent of helping you develop a solid personal practice. Learn to sit in ease, bring balance, concentration, strength and calmness into your body and add a little peace to your busy life.

The Versatile Coconut: Heart of Caribbean Culture and Cuisine

SISS 0440

The coconut is truly one of nature’s most versatile products. Not only is it a source of delicious food, its various parts can be used to produce clothing, shelter, art and ornamentation. The coconut also features in social and religious practices, and it is increasingly found in innovative pharmaceutical products. Learn about the origins and history of the coconut and how it is embedded in the cultural, economic and social fabric of Caribbean society. You will also discover how to make coconut oil, shredded coconut and coconut milk, as well as explore some of the more popular coconut recipes.

Music for Health and Wellness

SISS 0442

“Where words fail, music speaks.” (Hans Christian Andersen)
Music is a powerful force – it heals, soothes, energizes and uplifts us. It helps us to connect with our inner selves and with others. Discover strategies for using music for personal wellness for yourself or in your role as a caregiver or volunteer. Learn about the positive impact music therapy can have for seniors living with dementia and other neurological disorders. This course will include clinical music therapy examples as well as the opportunity to participate in music therapy experiences. No prior musical training is needed.

Armchair Travel: Washington DC

SISS 0447

Washington, DC is the site of some of the most significant events in American history. Explore the breathtaking monuments and memorials of Washington, a vibrant and culturally diverse city. Visit the historic district of Alexandria, Virginia and the waterfront development of National Harbour, Maryland.

Edmonton: The Things Left Behind

SISS 0448

Join us for this illustrated talk as we take a wander through modern Edmonton and discover those things - expected, unexpected and surprising, that have survived over the decades and centuries in our relentlessly modern city. A giant milk bottle, a sundial, and camel humps are just two of the objects you will see.

Butterflies, Blooms & Backyard Birds

SISS 0449

Discover the wildflowers photographed in natural areas in and around Edmonton, the butterflies and other insects that associate with them, and the birds you see in your neighborhoods and the city parks in summer in this beautiful photographic presentation.

Discovering Music Therapy – Soothing Sounds

SISS 0450

Explore the profession of music therapy and its applications for mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual health in a variety of populations. Learn about the Bonny Method of Guided Imagery and Music, a counseling method using classical music and relaxation. Discover how you can apply the basic principles of music to create relaxation and soothing for yourself and others. This course will include clinical music therapy examples as well as the opportunity to experience music therapy techniques such as musical improvisation and soundscapes. There will also be time to answer your questions and explore your areas of special interest. No prior musical training is needed.

Beyond Honey: Urban Beekeeping at MacEwan

SISS 0452

Did you know that bees and other pollinators help produce up to 70 percent of all the food we eat? Unfortunately, the population of honey bees worldwide is declining at an alarming rate due to environmental challenges including habitat loss, pesticide use, and climate change. However, urban beehives in gardens, on roofs and in other places ensure pollinators are available to pollinate fruits and vegetables, and also produce a delicious side effect – honey! There is a lot of buzz about urban beekeeping in Alberta. Even if we don’t want to become beekeepers ourselves, there are things we can all do to protect these pollinators, which are so important to our survival. Learn about MacEwan University’s rooftop hives, the truth about common bee myths, and what steps we can take to improve food production locally. You will also find out what you can do to protect pollinators and how organizations around the world are tackling this issue.

The Tiputini Project in the Amazon Rainforest

SISS 0453

In May 2017, a group of journalism students from MacEwan University spent a week in Ecuador. They spent four days in the Amazon rainforest taking pictures, shooting video and talking to scientists, political observers, and indigenous people. Their aim was to tell the story of the Tiputini Biodiversity Station of Universidad San Francisco de Quito, near Yasuni National Park. This is an area of extreme biological diversity and great beauty, which, unfortunately, is sitting on a sea of oil. Discover more about the fascinating journey undertaken by this group and the work they accomplished.

Introduction to Cree Worldview

SISS 0454

Join Roxanne Tootoosis, an Indigenous Knowledge Keeper/Facilitator with MacEwan University, as she shares some of the oral traditional teachings on Cree culture and historical content on the First peoples of this land. The session will begin with a teaching indigenous smudge ceremony, and there will be an opportunity for participants to engage in dialogue in a circle process.

Armchair Travel: Vietnam & Thailand

SISS 0455

mbodied in a rich culture and history, Vietnam and Thailand have become popular travel destinations for international travelers. For North Americans, awareness of Vietnam is dominated by the Vietnam War. To what extent has the country recovered and how are relations between the north and south? With a more peaceful recent history, Thailand is better known for its monarchy and its Buddhist religion. Join Rick Lewis as he shares experiences gained during his travel to this part of Southeast Asia.

Writing for Pleasure

SISS 0600

Have you always wanted to write but need a little encouragement? Or do you have stories and poems you want to share and improve? Learn more about the joy of writing and receive constructive editorial critiques along with fresh ideas to spark your imagination in this supportive, weekly writing circle.

Skills Appraisal

SKAP 0001

If you have applied to a program, you should only enrol for the skills appraisal test only if this item is showing on your To Do List. The skills appraisal test is used to assess your abilities in reading and writing. Also, if your program requires mathematical skills, you will be tested in math as well. If you choose to write the test before applying to a program, please check the Skills Appraisal Exemption Chart as not all programs accept the skills appraisal exam.

Skills Appraisal Rewrite - with Permission

SKAP 0002

You should only enrol in the skills appraisal rewrite if you have been given permission by a university advisor. Once the rewrite has been completed, you cannot write the test again for 2 years. Please note: If you enrol without prior permission, you may be turned away at the exam sitting.

Skills Appraisal scheduled with Services to Students with Disabilities

SKAP 0003

You should only enrol in SKAP 0003 to write the skills appraisal if you have been approved for exam accommodations (due to disability) by Services to Students with Disabilities (SSD) and are scheduled to write the Skills Appraisal in the SSD Exam Centre. If you are not yet registered with SSD or not scheduled to write the Skills Appraisal with SSD, please contact the SSD office at 780 497 5886 to make an appointment to speak with a Learning Specialist.

Spanish Level I

SPAN 0100

Learn to speak everyday Spanish for basic social conversational purposes, such as asking for and giving personal information, exchanging greetings and introductions and describing people, places and the weather. The emphasis will be on pronunciation and learning key phrases for a variety of situations. Basic grammar, reading and writing skills will also be covered. Instructional handouts are provided and the instructor may also recommend an optional textbook that you can purchase from MacEwan’s bookstore.

Spanish Level II

SPAN 0200

Learn about the cultural aspects of the Spanish speaking world and strengthen your verbal and written communication skills in Spanish by building your vocabulary and grammar skills. Learn to tell the time, express preferences, likes and dislikes, make requests and offers and make comparisons. You will give commands, use adverbs, apply direct, indirect and double object pronouns, and practice conversations in Progressive Present, Imperfect and Preterit tenses. Instructional handouts are provided and the instructor may also recommend an optional textbook that you can purchase from MacEwan’s bookstore.

Spanish Level III

SPAN 0300

Through role play and everyday scenarios, you will continue to strengthen your conversational skills and ability to express yourself using present, past and future tenses. You will discuss daily routines, ask for and give reasons, discuss and make requests and express approximations with regard to time. You will also learn to form questions and statements about a sequence of events, future actions and intentions. Using a variety of tenses, you will explain what you used to do and what you like. Instructional handouts are provided and the instructor may also recommend an optional textbook that you can purchase from MacEwan’s bookstore.

Spanish Level IV

SPAN 0400

The student in Level IV will learn how to describe people and places in reference to the past, learn more complex forms of comparison and how to express degrees of certainty on a variety of topics. The past tense will be presented through various topics such as how to talk about events, which have taken place in the past, and how to say what you have done. Telephone skills will continue to be developed by learning how to ask and say who is calling, by describing what has happened in the past and what has been done by someone else, as well as explaining what other people have said and whether the student has remembered or forgotten something. Making predictions will give the student practice with the future tense. In additions the student will learn how to give instructions and warnings to others. Prerequisite: SPAN 0300 or similar course within past year, or equivalent skill level.

191 courses found. Displaying courses 141 - 160

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