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The Strong Interest Inventory for Career Planning

STSS 0021

Good career decisions come with strong self-knowledge. Career assessments can provide a helpful framework for thinking about yourself and where you fit in the world of work.

The Strong Interest Inventory is a self-report questionnaire used to measure and describe people’s interests in a broad range of occupations, work and leisure activities and educational subjects. This information can help you identify potential areas of interests, activities or work environments.

After registering for this course you will be sent a link to take the Strong questionnaire, which will need to be completed by 3:30 pm one day before the workshop. At the workshop you will receive your results and a debrief in a group setting from a certified Strong Interest Inventory practitioner.

Supervisory Bootcamp

SUPR 0710

Are you new to a supervisory role? Whether you’re a team leader, project manager or unit coordinator, this course is designed to help you deal with many of the challenges you may encounter as you move into a supervisory role. You will learn how to clarify your role and responsibilities, as well as develop your communication skills in listening, asking questions, resolving conflict and giving feedback to employees. You will also learn how to give clear instructions and identify techniques to deal with employee challenges, such as discontent, complaints and lack of productivity.

Coaching for Performance

SUPR 0718

Enhance your ability to develop and manage the performance of your team. Learn how to work with your employees to define roles, set expectations and goals and measure results. Acquire practical skills and techniques on how to coach, give and receive feedback, cope with failure and success, and motivate employees. The importance of providing meaningful recognition in building a productive work environment will also be covered.

Fundamentals of Management and Supervision

SUPR 0751

Managers and supervisors play a pivotal role in an organization and require unique skills to motivate and lead their teams. Explore the mindset and behaviours of an effective manager and how to successfully handle the challenges of supervising in today’s business environment. Learn principles and strategies to enhance your supervisory and team building skills in a manner that will lead to improved team performance, morale, engagement and goal achievement.

Managing Priorities and Making Decisions

SUPR 0752

Balancing the needs and demands of a team with those of the organization can be challenging. Learn how to use critical thinking skills to problem-solve and make decisions. Explore techniques and strategies to improve your own productivity and ability to adapt to changing priorities and keep yourself and your team on track. Discover how to delegate and assign tasks effectively, run effective meetings, reduce time wasters and manage the email jungle.

Effective Communication Techniques

SUPR 0753

Strong communication skills are essential for managers and supervisors to be effective. Learn to communicate and present information more confidently and persuasively. By exploring common barriers to communication and understanding your own communication style, you can affect how your message is received by others. Discover simple, but profound strategies you can use to strengthen and add impact to your written and verbal communications.

Managing Workplace Conflict

SUPR 0754

If your role involves leading others, you will likely have times where conflict threatens to derail working relationships, team productivity and the work environment. But when handled constructively, conflict can also be a catalyst for change and growth. Learn about the different types of workplace conflict and its effects on individuals and the organization. Identify your own conflict style and that of others, explore the problem-solving process, and discover practical strategies and tools that will increase your confidence and skill in resolving conflicts in a constructive manner.

Foundations of Leadership I - Leading Yourself

SUPR 0821

Leaders are the backbone of organizations and the society we live in. Learn about leadership principles and the qualities, competencies and behaviours of effective leaders. By exploring different leadership styles, you will come to understand your own approach to leading. Topics such as self-awareness, personal resilience and working with others will be highlighted and used to assist you in assessing your strengths and gaps in these areas and guide you in developing your personal leadership philosophy and action plan.

Foundations of Leadership II - Leading Others

SUPR 0822

Expand your understanding of leadership fundamentals with a focus on emotional intelligence and building resiliency while learning how to communicate effectively and authentically with others. Only by understanding yourself first will you be able to lead others in their own growth and development. You will continue developing your personal leadership vision and action plan.

Thriving During Change: We're all in this together

SUPR 0831

Change is a constant in today’s workplace. Set yourself up for a positive change experience by acquiring the knowledge, support and tools you need to navigate your personal transition. Start by gaining an understanding of how change affects the organization and the individuals within it by examining others’ perspectives. Learn how to connect the change impacting your work to the goals of the organization and how to stay engaged and embrace the shift by recognizing your personal span of control. Discover how focusing on increasing your flexibility, resilience and optimism can mean the difference between surviving or thriving. With a personal toolkit of change resources to support you during current or future change experiences, you will become more agile and prepared to meet the requirements of an ever-changing work environment.

Leading People through Change

SUPR 0832

Change is a fact of life in organizations today. The ability to manage change and transition is a critical skill for leaders at all levels. Learn how to support both organizational demands and employee needs throughout the change process. Topics such as recognizing the stages of loss and transition, communicating change and tips for reducing resistance and increasing acceptance will be covered. Strategies for maintaining team morale and focus on the changing vision will also be discussed.

Hiring for Success

SUPR 0836

Ensure you make the right hiring decision. Learn how to prepare a job analysis and position profile, create better job advertisements and develop a fair and consistent interview process for selecting employees. Interviewing is both an art and a science. Gain an understanding of the different types of interview questions and techniques that elicit specific, behaviour-based examples of past performance.

Building an Engaged Workforce

SUPR 0837

Leading others requires understanding each team member as an individual with unique skills, abilities and needs. Bringing people together in a cohesive team to accomplish organizational goals requires understanding diversity and team dynamics, as well as how to deal with conflict proactively so that a safe, productive and healthy work environment can be created for all. You will leave equipped with practical strategies for building and leading strong, productive and more successful teams.

Strategic Leadership and Critical Thinking

SUPR 0840

Strategic leadership is the ability to create a powerful direction and energy that sparks reliable, long-term growth. Critical thinking and strategic ability are necessary skills for leaders at all levels of the organization. This course de-mystifies strategy and strategic planning. Using real-life situations, you will learn approaches to create a clear strategy and apply techniques that translate strategic goals into engaging action plans.

Change Management Fundamentals

SUPR 0841

You can increase the success of your change initiatives. Many change initiatives fail because the organization did not employ a structured, objective process for dealing with the ambiguous, subjective reality of implementing changes. During this course, you will learn proven strategies and best practices for leading and managing change to move your initiatives forward more successfully. Topics covered include communicating with stakeholders and strategies for overcoming resistance and increasing acceptance.

Fostering Creativity & Innovation at Work

SUPR 0861

In today’s competitive and rapidly shifting markets, the most successful organizations recognize that tapping into their employees' creativity and innovation benefits both the organization and the individual. Explore how mind mapping can help stimulate creative thinking as an individual and as part of a team, and learn how applying critical thinking skills and creating conceptual frameworks creates an environment for innovation. Creativity and innovation are not just the domain of the “creative types;” with the right tools and practice, everyone can develop their skills in this area.

Introduction to Digital SLR Photography

VCPH 0100

Take better photographs by learning how to use Digital SLR (Single Lens Reflex) camera operations and functions. You will become confident with various camera settings and your ability to control the application of those settings. Through real time, online classes and interaction with your instructor, you will have your questions answered and have the opportunity to enhance your photography skills through guided critiques. Required: Digital SLR camera with manual capabilities.

Digital Photography Basics

VCPH 0101

Take better photographs by learning the operations and functions of your Digital SLR camera and learn practical applications for camera settings. This one-day course is designed to give you solid working knowledge of your camera. Required: Digital SLR camera with manual capabilities.

Digital Photography Level I: Modes, Exposure and Creative Foundations

VCPH 0102

Take better photos in all kinds of situations by learning the modes and capabilities of your Digital SLR camera. Learn how to control camera settings for proper exposure and build an understanding of image composition to achieve desired tone, style, and concept. Gain a better understanding of your camera and feel confident transitioning from automatic to manual mode to get creative control over your photos. Recommended prerequisite: VCPH 0101 Digital Photography Basics or equivalent.

Wedding Photography

VCPH 0131

Gain the confidence and skills to enter the wonderful world of wedding photography. From techniques in composition, light and locations, to intimate portraits and managing small and large group shots, learn indispensable strategies and skills to shoot as a professional. How to plan a wedding shoot from developing a shot list to set-up, and formal and informal creative posing of couples and groups will be presented. Ambient and artificial lighting, indoor and outdoor shooting, and best practices for professional shoots will also be covered.

172 courses found. Displaying courses 141 - 160

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