Tracing the Critical Moments of Your Life

SISS 0101

Learn how tracing the critical moments of your life can unlock your forgotten passions, build your confidence and help you reconnect with yourself. If you are considering retirement, newly retired, or experiencing a life transition, this is the course for you. Using a step-by-step process and a workbook to guide you, you will learn how to tell your story. Your final product will be a journal of the key moments in your life along with related artifacts (either in pictures or from the boxes stored long ago in your basement!) that captures the times of joy and sadness, the hardships and losses, the aha moments and the moments of self-development that stand out in your life, going back to your earliest memories. You will leave with a surer sense of who you are and what you are interested in exploring as you go forward in the next chapter of your life.

Hours: 6

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