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Bookkeeping Basics

ACCT 0201

Learn the basics of double-entry bookkeeping for the recording of financial transactions, which forms the basis of all the accounting programs used today. Gain an understanding of what the computer accounting programs do by first learning to do it manually. You will learn how to identify, evaluate, record and post everyday financial transactions using basic accounting principles and procedures including journal entries, ledgers, sub-ledgers, control accounts, payroll entries and bank reconciliations. You will become familiar with processes used to ensure accuracy, including how to prepare a trial balance and reconcile accounts. In addition, you will learn to prepare balance sheets and income statements.

Accounting Basics

ACCT 0202

Building on your skills and knowledge of bookkeeping basics, you will learn to prepare fiscal/period end statements and reports. You will learn and practice the process for adjusting, closing and reversing entries by the matching of revenue and expenses at a cut-off date, including cash accounts, bad debts, prepaid or unexpired expense accounts, inventory adjustments, fixed assets and depreciation, deferred revenue, temporary investments, accruals and entries for partnerships and corporations. Prerequisite: Bookkeeping Basics or equivalent.

Understanding Financial Statements & Budgets

ACCT 0203

Learn how to use financial statements to assess the current financial status of your business and to help it achieve its financial goals. By understanding GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles), you will learn to read, interpret and understand financial statements and the key forms of communication prepared by accountants. You will also learn how to evaluate financial data to make informed decisions, prepare budgets and perform a breakeven analysis for a new business venture or product being considered.

Taxation Basics

ACCT 0204

What are the 10 concepts you need to know to do a basic business tax return? Discover what a business owner needs to know and what they are responsible for under the Income Tax Act and the Excise Tax Act (GST). Learn what accounts to set up in your accounting records to facilitate the preparation of a tax return so you can minimize the costs of using professional advisors and preparers. Upon completion of this course you will understand the importance of the four types of income for tax purposes, general rules affecting deductibility of expenses, as well as be able to gather information required for Reconciliation of Accounting to Taxable Income, Capital Gains, and Capital Cost Allowance (income tax depreciation).

Bookkeeping & Accounting Technology Capstone Project

ACCT 0205

Put your bookkeeping and accounting knowledge into practice with this hands on, take home project. Apply theory and principles to an assigned scenario using both manual and technical applications. With instructor guidance and feedback, you will have the opportunity to complete the books and financial statements with 100% accuracy. Recommended prerequisite: Bookkeeping Basics. Recommended co-requisites: Accounting Basics, Understanding Financial Statements and Budgets, Sage 50 Accounting or QuickBooks Levels I and II, (Taxation Basics optional).

Actuarial Exam P Preparation

ACSC 100

This course is designed to coach students who are preparing to write the Society of Actuaries Exam P. Topics in general probability theory, univariate random variables and multivariate random variables will be discussed. In addition to the curriculum covered on Exam P, students will learn to monitor metrics to assess their own progress, as they work through 1500 practice problems and pass through three phases of readiness. Students will also participate in group base gamification to improve motivation and ultimately preparedness to write. Prerequisites: A first course in Calculus is recommended but not essential.

Arts and Cultural Management Travel Abroad Experience

AGAD 0230

The cultural tour will be traveling to Scotland this year from April 25 to May 9, 2020. The cost is $2,200, which will cover your accommodation, a number of packed lunches, ground transport throughout the tour, guest speaker fees, entry into a number of heritage sites and other incidentals costs. A nonrefundable deposit of $1,000 will be due upon registration by December 13, 2019, with the balance due by January 31, 2020. Each person will be responsible for the booking and paying for their airfares, insurances and covering the cost of their breakfast and dinner daily meals, except for the those covered by the tour.

Plein Air Painting

ARTE 0115

Learn the essentials of plein air painting using your medium of choice, such as pastel, oil, watercolour or acrylic, to create vibrant landscape paintings. Discover how to compose and create small value studies as a tool to help you plan and improve your work, and investigate how underpainting can add value to your art. Experiment with colour and become bold and decisive in your treatment of light and shadow as you step outside to study and capture nature up close.

Drawing Fundamentals and Portfolio Preparation

ARTE 0143

Explore the principles of observational drawing including: line, value, tone, volume and light. Gain the knowledge of how to draw in perspective and maintain proportions. Work with a range of subject matter and learn to use materials effectively. Engage in discussions about art that will develop your understanding of how to apply the principles of art to create a compelling composition. Discuss the elements that make a polished portfolio presentation. Some work outside of class time is required to develop and finish projects. This course is for anyone who wants to develop their artistic skills while focusing on complete projects and the preparation of a portfolio presentation for application to fine art, animation, illustration, fashion and design programs. Note: A list of art supplies for students to purchase will be sent via email before the first class. No toxic solvents or mediums permitted.

Design Fundamentals

ARTE 0243

Develop skills in two-dimensional design and understand the communicative importance of form and composition. Create engaging compositions with line, shape, contour, value, colour, and visual arrangement. Build design principles and concepts, and create visual systems that apply to a range of design needs and media. This studio class includes projects and critiques relevant for those who want to add design to their current skills.
Prerequisite: No previous art experience necessary.

Mixed Media & Painting Techniques

ARTE 0287

Explore a range of visual art, illustration approaches and design principles through instructor led projects. Experience the effective uses of varied techniques and rendering approaches to create differing tactile effects and styled looks. Strengthen your approach to image creation, by developing your imagery with a distinctive style and then polish your final artwork presentation. You will have the opportunity to stretch your creative expression with instructor support. Note: A list of art supplies for students to purchase will be sent via email before the first class. Various materials will be used, including water-based paint, drawing and mixed media. No toxic solvents or mediums permitted.

Approaches to Drawing

ARTE 0298

Enrich your drawing using layered imagery, surface manipulation, mark-making and alternative tools. Experience a thoughtful way to making decisions about how to draw out objects and ideas. Take the opportunity to try an open concept approach while thinking about conceptualizing and creating your art work. You may consider questions like: ‘Will I set a goal?’ ‘How can I best express beauty?’ ‘What elements can I add to create an engaging image?’ Or, you may prefer to use an experimental, free approach to looking at the same subject from different viewpoints. You may decide to interpret that subject through expressionism, visual storytelling or high realism style. You may also choose to be inventive by playing with visual approaches like flatness, volume, texture, exaggerated perspective or optical tricks. Through this methodology, you will enhance your experience and your portfolio with a range and variety of unique projects. Recommended prerequisite: Previous drawing course. Note: A list of art supplies for students to purchase will be sent via email before the first class. Various drawing materials will be used.


ARTE 0520

This course is a must for those training as visual artists, animators, designers, illustrators and fashion designers. Draw the live model and gain a solid understanding of form, proportion, body masses and skeletal landmarks. Learn observation techniques to determine good proportions and accommodate for perspective views. Draw the figure with confidence and fluidity using various drawing materials. Note: A list of art supplies for students to purchase will be sent via email before the first class. Recommended: Drawing Fundamentals and Portfolio Presentation or well-developed drawing skills.

Perspective Drawing

ARTE 0575

Focus on advanced perspective drawing techniques including one-, two- and three-point perspective from observation. Explore techniques for creating the illusion of space, atmospheric perspective and shadows and reflections in perspective. Improve your ability to illustrate the sense of architecture and objects in space. Create dynamic drawings based on your new understanding and enhanced skills. Gain insight into the way artists, comic book artists, illustrators and animators approach space, viewpoints and dimension in their art, graphics and object creations. Note: A list of art supplies for students to purchase will be sent via email before the first class. Recommended prerequisite: Drawing Fundamentals and Portfolio Preparation or equivalent.

Design Summer Camp

AVDM 0100

From the printed page to digital interaction, learn to turn your creativity into world changing design. Participants will step into the studio and gain experience working in a collaborative learning space, preparing them for a project oriented post-secondary environment. This unique one-week intensive summer program, open to high-school youth (ages 15-18), is devoted to the practice of visual design and creative problem solving, giving participants the opportunity to gain familiarity with the techniques and facilities of a university design studio with a focus on visual exploration and real-world problem solving. Over the course of the week students will create, critique, and apply their visual design skills in dynamic ways that will set them on a path to be tomorrow’s design leaders.

Starting Your Creative Business

AVDM 0115

For creative entrepreneurs, starting a business can feel overwhelming. This course will help you discover your talents and strengths and guide you from the idea phase through to launching your business. Learn how to differentiate yourself from the competition, define your market niche, establish pricing models, negotiate with clients, manage contracts and invoicing, and put it all together into a business plan. Ideal for anyone running a service business—including creatives, coaches, consultants, designers, photographers and more—this course will ease the transition from concept to business and take you from inspiration to income.

Brand Identity Visioning Workshop

AVDM 0116

An effective brand strategy gives you an edge in competitive markets and helps you stand out from the competition, but what exactly does "branding" mean? Branding is much more than a logo, fonts and colour palette. It is your promise—what your customer can expect—and separates you from your competition; it sparks interest, connects through emotion and nurtures long-lasting and loyal relationships. By using the creative process, participants will define their brand and begin to develop a brand guide. This workshop will be delivered with short lectures to introduce the topic, followed by individual and group exercises.

Podcasting 101

AVDM 0117

A podcast is one of the best ways to build an audience and grow your business, but the process can seem daunting. Learn where to start and how to connect with your customers in this unique session, which teaches you the how and why of podcasting, and provides you with a clear plan on getting your show into the world. Learn about equipment and software options, how to prepare for interviews, how to find guests and how to get on podcast stations.

Content Marketing: Creating a Strategy

AVDM 0118

Knowing how to create and share content that is valuable and engaging is often the point of differentiation separating successful marketing campaigns from the forgettable. In this course, you will learn how to build, organize and implement a content marketing strategy that will reach and engage your target audience in a meaningful way with quality content that can be shared on websites, blogs and social media. Learn the difference between good and great content, how to generate compelling content ideas that align with the goals of your organization, and how to create touch-points with your target audience throughout the sales funnel that will positively influence engagement and conversion rates.

Adobe InDesign Level I

AVDM 0138

Get acquainted with Adobe InDesign – the industry-standard page layout and design application, and a key component of Adobe’s Creative Cloud. Guided in-class projects will provide introductory-to-intermediate use of InDesign’s tools, panels and processes, including printing and PDF export options. Through hands-on instruction you’ll produce a variety of real-world design solutions such as posters, advertisements, and multiple-page layouts such as brochures or magazine spreads. In addition to integrating graphics, controlling colour, and basic preparation for commercial printing, InDesign’s extensive typographic controls will be covered in detail. Recommended: Basic Macintosh operating system experience.

226 courses found. Displaying courses 1 - 20

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