These courses are designed to help prepare students for their desired university program. Students may not need to take all courses. An assessment will be required to determine comprehension and language skills. Speak with a University Advisor to determine which courses you may need in order to be successful in your desired program.

International students on a study permit may take ENGL 086 - Reading and Writing, and ENGL 087 - Listening and Speaking to fulfill their English Language Proficiency requirements.


     ERDW 081 - Intermediate Reading and Writing I
     ERDW 082 - Intermediate Reading and Writing II
     ERDW 083 - Advanced Reading and Writing I
     ERDW 084 - Advanced Reading and Writing II
     ERDW 085 - Reading and Writing for Academic Purposes
     ENGL 086 - ELP for University - Reading and Writing


     ESPL 081 - Intermediate Listening and Speaking I
     ESPL 082 - Intermediate Listening and Speaking II
     ESPL 083 - Advanced Listening and Speaking I
     ESPL 084 - Advanced Listening and Speaking II
     ESPL 085 - Listening and Speaking for Academic Purposes
     ENGL 087 - ELP for University - Listening and Speaking

Focus Courses

     EOPT 060 - Pronunciation I
     EOPT 061 - Pronunciation II
     EOPT 064 - Academic Vocabulary I
     EOPT 065 - Academic Vocabulary II
     EOPT 066 - Grammar I
     EOPT 067 - Grammar II
     EOPT 068 - Research Writing

For non-credit English classes, or for IELTS Preparation, view our English courses.