More flexibility. More accurate placement. And more choice in what you want to study. You may be at a different level for reading and writing than you are for listening and speaking, and in each case, you will be placed in the level best suited to you.

A placement test will determine your starting level. Higher-level courses focus on English for academic studies. They are designed for English language learners who wish to complete high school studies, continue to post-secondary studies or re-enter their professions in Canada. The lower-level courses focus on English communication skills necessary to function successfully in the community and the classroom. The English as an additional Language (EAL/ESL) program is open to Domestic and International Students.

If you are a full-time student, you will be able to select one reading/writing course, one listening/speaking course and one focus course. If you are a part-time student, you can choose whether to study reading and writing or listening and speaking. You can even choose to take just a focus course.

If you are looking for academic upgrading for domestic and international students, please visit www.macewan.ca/preparation.

Prospective Students (Domestic and International)

For Domestic:

To be considered a Domestic student, you must

  • be a Citizen of Canada, or
  • be a Permanent Resident of Canada at the time you apply for admission, or
  • hold Protected or Convention Refugee Status, established through a Notice of Decision Letter already in your possession at the time you apply for admission.

For International:

You are considered an International Student if you are

  • a citizen or permanent resident of a country to which you intend to eventually return other than Canada, or
  • in possession of a valid and current study permit, or
  • not a citizen of Canada, or
  • not a Permanent Resident of Canada at the time you apply for admission. This includes those who have submitted residency application documents, but have not yet received formal approval verifying that you have become a permanent resident of Canada.

A variety of other special purpose English language training is offered through the School of Continuing Education

ALBERTA WORKS – Learner Support Funding for Domestic Students

Alberta Works funding is limited; potential students are encouraged to contact the program regarding availability. Applying to the English as an Additional Language program does not guarantee a funding spot.

Financial Support Available