OMG, you’ll freak out when we tell you about this new final exam style!

April 1, 2019 | Campus Life
Winter term final exams start April 9, and a new pilot project at MacEwan University is going to change the way students are evaluated.

Only ’90s kids will remember that exams are hard. Sometimes you feel like giving up.

Or running away forever.

And sometimes studying is just too much nope.

The pilot project will use an algorithm that simplifies exams to short, five-minute Buzzfeed-style quizzes. In the same amount of time that it would take you to find out what character from A Bug’s Life you’re most compatible with, your professor will be able to determine your final grade.

“We’ve decided to use an algorithm similar to the one used at Buzzfeed to establish a more streamlined examination method at MacEwan,” says Dr. Craig Monk, provost and vice-president, Academic. “Buzzfeed quizzes are simple and yet surprisingly accurate. I got this position by answering one that promised to match me with an administrative job from a list of the James Joyce characters I most resemble.”

Future exams will include:

  • “We Can Guess Your Final GPA Based on the Number of Text Books You Actually Read in 2019”
  • “Answer These 8 Questions and We’ll Tell You Which Kardashian You Are — And Also If You Passed ENGL 103”
  • “This Condiment Quiz Will Reveal What Kind of Second-Year Student You’ll Be”

And it’s not just students that will find it easier to complete their exams. Faculty members will be under less pressure to keep on top of their workloads because students will receive their grades instantly.

“Grading exams really takes a toll on our faculty members,” continues Craig. “This will really free up some time for us to find out “Which One Of Justin Bieber's Many Haircuts Are We Most Like.”

Only a select number of students will be able to participate in this pilot project. To find out if you’re eligible, you will need to complete the following quiz: “Which April Fool’s Victim Are You?”

Happy April Fool’s Day!



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