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September 16, 2019 | Campus Life

You’ve received a lot of information in the last few days. Get your student ID at the Borrower Services Desk. Pay your fees at the Office of the University Registrar. Check out the facilities in the Centre for Sport and Wellness. Quite frankly, it’s a lot to take in.

So we wanted to give you a moment to catch your breath and check out these five resources that you will be accessing over the next few weeks (and months and years).

Welcome Team You can find the Welcome Team by the clock tower entrance in Building 7. They’re MacEwan’s “human wayfinding” team that help you figure out where you need to be. They also organize MacEwan Ambassadors and campus tour guides, give assistance to future students with ApplyAlberta and Student Financial Aid applications, and help you navigate mystudentsystem. And they run daily and weekly trivia games at the Welcome Centre, as well as a “re-love library” for you to take or leave a book.

Their best advice? Don’t be nervous — they are here to help! They don’t believe in silly questions, so ask them anything. And they love helping students find ways to volunteer, be engaged and connect with others.
Technology Support The Technology Support desk (located in the library) is the single point of contact for all students’ technology issues. This team is on hand to help you answer questions like “how do I access this application?” or “how can I use my phone to log into this?” And if they can’t answer your question, they can connect you with the service area that can. (For instance, borrowing a laptop is part of the Library’s Borrower Services.)

One thing the Technology Support team is proud of is that they have gone completely green — they don't use paper or pens and they don't print anything. All their work is done digitally, and they encourage students to do the same whenever possible.
Office of the University Registrar The Office of the University Registrar (OUR) in Building 7 may be one of your first check-in points at MacEwan. The OUR handles admissions, enrolment, and fees and financial information — everything you need to become an official student of the university.

Once you've been accepted to your program at MacEwan University, Enrolment Services explains how to enrol in courses and manages your academic record, including your grades and academic standing. Financial aid advisors are also on hand to answer your questions about student loan funding and budgeting for your post-secondary studies.
Sport and Wellness Sport and Wellness knows that the key to beating stress is being active, so this team provides balance to student life. They aim to make a difference in people’s lives every day by helping them be their best selves.

Students are members of the Sport and Wellness facilities, which means you have free access to the gymnasium, pool, fitness centre and daily classes and discounts on other specialty courses and sport leagues. Come in and exercise daily if you can, but at least regularly, they advise, to develop healthy habits for life.
Library Borrower Services The Library provides many services to students including issuing your MacEwan ID/Library card, signing out books (both from the main collection and limited time loan reserves), and signing out equipment such as chargers, laptops, cameras, air quality monitors, iPads and more. Library staff are also on hand to help with 3-D printing and vinyl cutting.

New library users are often surprised to learn that you can borrow laptops and chargers, and staff are willing and able to search Canada-wide to bring in articles or books from other libraries. So don’t be afraid to ask questions — they’re here to help.


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