The MacEwan University Dance Club helped kick off Global Awareness Week 2019. The last week of this month is another chance to think globally, and one of the many on-campus events you should really check out this January.

Grab your phone and put these 20+ free on-campus events in your calendar right now

January 8, 2020 | Campus Life, Science, Society, Health

Happy January! It’s the perfect time to try something new, and we’ve got you covered – whether it's keeping your eye on the prize with your fitness regimen or learning from Canadian Sikh hip-hop artist Fateh Singh

It’s the first week back, so we understand if you want to take things slowly, ease into your new crop of classes and get yourself organized for a great Winter semester. But if there’s a niggling need in the back of your mind to hop on an airplane and discover a new country, it’s probably worth spending an hour thinking about it now. Check out the Education Abroad Info Session on January 10. (If you’re just not ready yet, don’t worry. There’s another one on January 21.) And don’t miss SAMU’s Student Groups Expo on January 8 and 9. It’s the perfect place to find your people. 

Brace yourself. The week of January 13 is going to be busy. If you’re even a tiny bit interested in research, you should take a few minutes to drop in and chat with our research staff and student researchers at their grant application workshops on Monday or Tuesday. They can give you the inside scoop on accessing funds to help you make your first (or next) big discovery.

On Thursday, it’s time to look at Canadian Sikh Hip Hop with the Department of English. Or check out the opening reception for Grasping at the Roots in the Mitchell Art Gallery. Then wrap up the week with a dose of Indigenous feminism and science fiction with Spirit Bear Dialogues: Métis in Space on January 17 (which is also the add/drop deadline for Winter 2020).

Take a stand against sexual violence on January 22 and get the skills and tools to help you intervene, then stop by the Ending Sexual Violence Student Research Forum on January 24 to see the ways our students are working to address this issue.

If you’ve never thought about the math involved in figure skating, don’t worry – our resident math experts want you to join them for a fun look at how order and chaos factor into the beauty and elegance of the sport on January 23. (Don’t worry if math isn’t your thing; this talk really is for everyone).

The final week of the month is about thinking globally, and there are more than 13 different events planned to help you broaden your horizons. Take in a photographic exhibit that highlights the experiences of students who are also refugees, learn simple ways to incorporate sustainability into your everyday life, and discover the connections between local Indigenous and Ukrainian communities (there will be bannock and borscht too!).

If you’re both a student and a parent, bring your little one to the Family Literacy Carnival on January 26. And don’t forget that the final day of this month is also the Winter 2020 tuition and fee payment deadline.

That was a lot, but there’s even more waiting for you at

January events that are not quite free – but close

Take in some classic rock, funk, soul, and pop at the Showcase Band Concert on January 18 for $15, and don’t miss our theatre students’ production of The Crucible. Tickets for preview night on January 29 are only $10.

Even more to do and see

Have a few minutes to spare before you need to start navigating that tidal wave of papers and assignments that you know is coming? Take a stroll down memory lane and check out some of the great things we were up to in 2019. Or stop by Writing and Learning Services and say hi to our friendly tutors (you may want/need their help in a week or two). And it’s never too early to start thinking about a summer job (or the first step in your new career).

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